Find it here on her journal or on AO3.

In other news, I finally saw Inception, and I realized once again that not only do I not know why I become fannish about some texts (though I can retcon the heck out of my reasons!) I also do not know why I don't become fannish about others.  That said, I would probably read good Ariadne stories, if anyone has pointers.

Podfic of Skin Deep, my SV genderswap Clark/Lex story!

I very much enjoyed this article in which the authors engage in a classic debate: TVD v. SPN. Sample: “I'll take 145 years of brotherly brooding and angst over the apocalypse any day (I mean, Stefan basically turned Damon into a vampire! How do you compete with... Crap, nevermind).”

short stories, images of impending death )

rivkat: Clark and Lex will never be friends (never be friends)
( Jan. 18th, 2011 12:10 am)
Have I said lately how much I love podfic? And podfic of my stories? [ profile] reena_jenkins recorded my story Genesis, SV (Clark/Lex, NC-17).  Squee!
6. [personal profile] eclectic: SPN - In What is and Should Never Be, John died, and Mary turned them into hunters.

Momma's boy. )

7. [ profile] ciian, Dark Angel, Max/Alec/Logan. Note: Aaaaaand a third classic, the conduitfic!  NC-17.

They were all pretty drunk. )

8. [ profile] catdancerz: SV: Jason Teague didn't die in the Kent's house... Lex just let everyone think he did.

monster in the closet )

9. [personal profile] jakrar: Clark doesn’t panic and abandon Lex in “Shattered” (or maybe he does, but then he gathers his courage and rescues Lex from Belle Reve without waiting until it’s too late). Also, Clark realizes that he knows someone who might be able to help in this situation: Virgil Swann. … Is Virgil Swann trustworthy under these circumstances? And, if Swann isn’t, how do Clark and Lex cope?

out of the frying pan )
1. [personal profile] alexseanchai : what if Sam and Dean were Jewish? Note: I have made very few revisions in SPN’s supernatural canon.

They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat. )

2. [personal profile] turnonmyheels: Chuck: Morgan moves into Casey's apartment because he's tired of being a third wheel with Chuck and Sarah. Casey's daughter moves into Casey's apartment for whatever reason. Casey can't stand being around his *daughter* macking on Grimes so he moves in with Chuck and Sarah. Instead of being a third-wheel with Chuck and Sarah, they wind up in a polyamorous relationship. PG-13, maybe; Sarah/Chuck and pre-Sarah/Chuck/Casey.

Chuck versus the Roommate

Three's company )

3. [personal profile] ariadnes_string: SPN/Fringe: "Once, Olivia Dunham met an angel."

No angels were harmed in the making of this story. )

4. [personal profile] theatervine: Supernatural: What if. Instead of Lisa and Ben it was Cassie that Dean went to and they became the Nick and Nora Charles of Supernatural? She's a reporter, he's a PI, together they crack cases and take down bad guys, human & supernatural? How would that change things when Samuel, Sam and the others showed up? Dean/Cassie.

They fight crime! )

5. [personal profile] eclectic: - Ruat Caelum: Lex just... gives up. Clark secured Lex's body, but his soul turns out to be much more elusive. As it turns out, all you had to do to defeat Lex Luthor is to take away his dreams. Note: as you would expect, a bit depressing!

pereat mundus )
Tonight is apparently sex night, though not in all of them!

1. [personal profile] meret: TVD: My theory is that Damon likes being dominated by a woman, so I'd love to see Bonnie and Damon in a female dominant relationship of some sort. Bonnie/Damon, NC-17.

don't touch )

2. [personal profile] jakrar: Mixed Cliché Fic - amnesia and body-switching
Smallville - Clex: Lex and Clark are exposed to something which not only induces amnesia but also body-switches them. Since only the amnesia is immediately discernible, Lionel takes ‘Lex’ back to the mansion to see how he can best use his son’s current vulnerability to his own advantage, while the Kents take ‘Clark’ back to the farm and probably tell him to stay home and away from outsiders until he’s himself again.

we are not who we are )

3. [personal profile] ariadnes_string: SPN/Fringe of the Dean/Peter variety (high rating is a-okay). Pre-series. NC-17 to be safe.

game knows game )

4. [personal profile] eclectic: SPN:- The Dark Side of the Moon, using the comment Dean made about the time Sam ran away: "when dad got home..." Note: Corporal punishment, gen.

Dad gave me one job. )

5. [personal profile] eclectic: - in the pilot, Sam says no and stays in Stanford, Dean keeps battling demons, and everything goes on as it did (except that they manage to keep Sam out of it, and Dean helps some other psychic kid). Years later, they run into each other. Note: okay, that’s kind of a downer.

what family's supposed to be )

6. [personal profile] aerye: Supernatural. Ellen and Jo. Something set during the time they were hunting/traveling together, between "Good God, Y'all!" and "Abandon All Hope." Something that emphasizes more the ways in which their relationship worked rather than the ways they fought, and the fierce love they had for each other as mother and daughter.

you and me both )

7. Anonymous: Someone draws the short stick and gets stuck sorting through all the presents and holiday cards the Daily Planet takes in on behalf of Superman when they need to be somewhere else.

it's a dirty job )
1. [personal profile] brownbetty: Max from DA finds a position as one of Lex Luthor's Girl Fridays. It's all fun and games until Alec shows up and tries to convince her Luthor's bent and she needs to book it.

we metahumans have to stick together )

2. [personal profile] ladydey: SV: Lex/Clark - Clark didn't realize (okay he might have been repressing it) how much he missed Lex, the real Lex. When Lex finally returned to Metropolis, Clark didn't know if he could ever stay away again.

return to me )

3. [ profile] maraceles: I would die for more of the Captured by the Game universe--well, actually, a continuation of that story but an AU of the sequel. (Sam gets killed somehow during the final battle with Azazel, and Dean still makes his deal to get him back, still goes to Hell and is resurrected by Castiel, still starts up the Apocalypse.) Basically, I'd LOVE to see that Sam deal with the season four situation: Having lost Dean. Dealing with angels. Would Game!Sam and Game!Dean fare better then their canon versions? *g* Note: part but not all of the prompt. Maybe I’ll get to the angels later?

went a little nuts without you )

4. [personal profile] thefourthvine: SV, the axiom of choice! (And if you'd like a pairing with your prompt, Clark/Lex.)

Lex is quoting Bertrand Russell. )

5. [personal profile] kiezh: Smallville future: Lex and Clark mutual voyeurism, undiscussed but known to both. (One's got x-ray vision, the other has spy devices! It's a stalker match made in heaven!) Note: NC-17; various pairings.

Year of the Voyeur )

6. [personal profile] meret: I have a theory that Spike would fall head over heels in love with River Tam if they were to meet. She's part Drusilla, part Buffy, and part Fred.

and all awesome )

7. [personal profile] fandomfan: Supernatural: if you happened to snag any ideas from this set of photos, I'd be a happy camper. Yes, they're on set photos (from S3), but I would love and adore you for any scenario that could get Dean (rather than Jensen) in a bathrobe and slippers on a mini-scooter.

but why a *mini* scooter? )
1. [personal profile] abbylee: I think that there totally needs to be a Walter + sufganiyot fic. 

sucrose is sweet, and so are you )

2. [personal profile] norwich36: any kind of SPN/Vampire Diaries crossover (like the Winchesters meet Damon Salvatore. Or maybe the Winchesters meet Bonnie, and Dean finally figures out there are good witches. Hmm. Maybe Bonnie could save their asses from Damon.)  Note: all of the above?

Strangers in town )

3. [personal profile] livrelibre: Fringe-Astrid/Olivia or Astrid & Olivia being kickass. Note: Brown Betty AU, shades of Esther/Olivia.

Here's looking at you, kid )

4. [personal profile] kiezh: Castiel and power/responsibility? Something about how his relationship with power has changed through his existence?

Footloose and fancy )

5. [personal profile] melisande431: Lex is getting married again. When Clark makes an astounding discovery, he rushes to interrupt the ceremony.

Guess how much is actual DC canon! )
1. [personal profile] tehomet: SPN: You could write crack in which Marcy, the nice lady living next door to Bobby, the one who was chatting him up with the cobbler, turns out to be the real tooth fairy, a benign individual, of course. Bobby has to redeem his faux pas in drenching her in woodchipper'd baddie blood, by volunteering himself, and recruiting Dean and Sam as well, to assist her in bringing peace, love, small denomination coins, free toothbrushes, and calcium-enriched sugar-free baked goods to the inhabitants of a small especially-sugar-afflicted village (perhaps one where most of the adults have jobs in a chocolate factory and hence all the kids have dental issues) and overcome the predations of the cavity demons. The cavity demons can only be thwarted, once you've wrenched the drills and pliers and caramels out of their claws, by lassoing them with mint-flavoured dental floss and then banishing them back to their own special hell dimension, the eternal dentist's waiting room o' suffering. If Bobby and Sam and Dean have to dress up for ritual reasons at some point in the traditional uniform of glittery tutus and sparkly eyeliner over their usual jeans, boots and stubble outfits, so much the better.

Note: this is the aftermath, because I can't even. )

2. Anonymous: Jared POV from Full Service Firm

snippety )

3. [personal profile] marfisa: A sequel to last year's Eight Crazy Nights ficlet about Lex finding out that his and Clark's genetically-engineered/cloned(?) son Kon exists and suing Clark for custody of him unless Clark agrees to move into chez Luthor with Kon.

Kon's physically and mentally about eight. )

4. [personal profile] kiezh: Negotiating a poly relationship, preferably m/m/f, any fandom. Note: I picked Chuck.

Chuck versus the Three-Way )
Thanks to [ profile] pinkfinity for the dreidel!

This years prompts are going to wipe me out, I can tell.

[personal profile] svmadelyn: sequel to last year’s story in which, in the aftermath of Doomsday killing Clark, Lex steps in and helps the Justice League when Wonder Woman asks. Clark/Lex, PG.

no really, it's a hilarious misunderstanding )

[personal profile] runpunkrun: Fringe, Olivia/Peter, in the noir au with the cell phones.  All audiences.
someone to watch over me )
The SSA, that wonderful resource, hasn't worked in the sense of allowing uploads in a while.  Its longterm survival is in doubt since the loss of Minotaur, who ran the host server, and so the archivists are backing it up on the Archive of Our Own.  More details at [personal profile] danceswithgary's post.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2010 02:21 pm)
Passing it on: the pink sparkly hearts challenge at fanlore. The idea is that over the next two weeks, we're encouraged to make new pages at Fanlore celebrating favorite fanworks -- specifically, the first fanworks we ever fell in love with.

I did one for The Sin-Eater, which was either the first X-Files fic I read online or as near as makes no difference; it was the first for which I wrote feedback, and I received a gracious reply from Jane Mortimer, which was a wonderful introduction to online fandom. So I went ahead and wrote another for Mercy. I’m not sure how I prove the story was influential, but I remember that it was much talked-about.

In other news, I’m in the middle of reading a book that, when I described the first 60-odd pages, two separate people spontaneously responded, “Red Dawn with aliens!” It’s mostly, but not quite, that; I’m still reading.
Four and a half hour delay on a cross country flight. So tired. And then it’s so late that ground transportation was… tetchy. Or sketchy. Possibly the fatigue poisons are confusing me, since I didn’t get to bed until after 6 am internal time. Working on 10th hour of conference on 3 hours sleep. Poor poor pitiful me!

I am having incredible SV nostalgia based on [personal profile] sisabet’s Bad Romance. Lex Luthor doesn’t want to be friends! I’m looking forward to the SV prompts for Eight Crazy Nights.

[ profile] hollywoodgrrl’s Boom Boom Pow for Fringe: why you should watch Fringe, because it is awesome. There are a lot of explosions! And grim X-Files stuff! And Olivia laying down the law!

[personal profile] dualbunny’s If I Had You is great fun. As someone on my reading list said: Legend of the Seeker m/m: who knew it existed? And yes, Richard is just about as pretty as Kahlan and Cara.

Milly’s Party in the Midlands (also LoTS)—hilarious! Kahlan nods her head and moves her hips like yeah.

Tom the Dancing Bug, YA paranormal romance, being a prosecutor, moral rights )
rivkat: superfreak (superfreak)
( Apr. 14th, 2010 03:25 pm)
for [personal profile] kinetikatrue
Chloe. Prompt: bright lights, big city/new kid on the block. S9 fic.

Warm and fuzzy treatment of Lois ahoy )
[ profile] chase820 
What if Kara wanted a child and went to Lex for help?

Daddy, issue )
rivkat: Clark and Lex: taste the rainbow (taste the rainbow)
( Feb. 9th, 2010 10:07 am)
Between Snowmageddon (now with bonus Snoverkill) and work commitments, I've been and will remain AWOL for a bit, but I wanted to pop in and recommend [personal profile] vito_excalibur's latest in the Alters series, which I won in the help Haiti auction.  It's Lex and Clark, Lex in badass science mode and Clark with a perfect Justice League smirk, and I highly recommend it!
[ profile] partners4life: futurefic, Clark/Lex; Lex finds out Clark and he have a son (Kon); Lex sues Superman/Clark for custody and child support; Clark's lawyer advises him to try to work things out with Lex by any means possible otherwise Lex's attorneys will bankrupt him. Note: I thought Lex could probably afford the child support aspects, so I tweaked a little.

family dynamics )

[personal profile] niangao: anything involving Kara from Useful Arts?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am )

[ profile] jakrar: Suppose, just before Brainiac and the Zod-minions escaped doomed Krypton, someone tried to disable Zod's super-computer with an untested computer virus, and it had an unexpected effect: once Brainiac reached Earth, instead of being determined to carry out Zod's plans, he decided instead to do everything he could to make Lex Luthor happy (but without informing Lex Luthor)... Note: more on the horror side, less with the Clark/Lex, though feel free to imagine that’s how it ends!

what's your fantasy? )

[ profile] jakrar: Lex has a more dramatic power than mutant healing, and his first adult meeting with Clark highlights Lex's power rather than any of Clark's. So...would Clark go crazy trying to find out what Lex can do, and why? Note: I totally fell in love with this prompt.

Meet cute )

[personal profile] kinetikatrue: Clark/Lex: robots, time, letters, giant squid, dirigible, pie, pi.

pi didn't make the cut )

[personal profile] dodificus: old school Clark/Lex? Ummm....obsession. Set in an AU S4, I guess, where they’re still close. Note: the band name comes from the best summary of one of my stories ever.

you called your band what? )

[personal profile] jackycomelately: I'd love something on the aftermath of Doomsday killing Clark. … I'd love Clark/Lex of course …. Or, Lex having to step in and help the Justice League when Wonder Woman asks. Note: I’m double-dipping conceptually, but what’s fanfic for if you can’t do that on occasion?

epic misunderstanding )

OMG did I really promise to do 17 more of these, plus Yuletide? *facepalm*

[ profile] skippy_fluff: SV: Oliver and Clark find they have more oil than they expected (or the oil they have lasts longer than expected). Came out a bit shaggy-dog, sorry.

Oiliens! )

[personal profile] giandujakiss: The Inside, Rebecca/Web/Paul UST, mindgames! This seemed to me to be the same prompt as [personal profile] livrelibre's Web/Rebecca/Paul (trust).

Inside man )

[personal profile] meret: SPN - A Captured by the Game (Sam/Dean) time stamp.

fallen idol )

[personal profile] livrelibre: Chuck, Chuck/Casey/Sarah (post-finale, training or "Let's get ready to rumble!"). Bonus to the first to ID the movie reference.

Chuck talks a little dirty in this one )

[personal profile] ariadnes_string: Fringe!fic: Locked room/trapped/quarantine always does it for me. Gen, Peter & Olivia.

A nice trip to the forest )

[personal profile] libgirl: M/S: snowflakes. Warning: gratuitous meanness to Bill Scully Jr.

Fight Club was wrong about you )

[personal profile] kass: SV, Clark/Lex, glow

fully poseable )




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