for [personal profile] turnonmyheels: Walter tries to build his own intersect, whacky crossover hijinks ensue

secret/agent )
for [personal profile] turnonmyheels, two prompts: Nolan Ross and Charles Bartowski lived across the hall from each other at Stanford, combined with Sarah/Chuck/Casey. Note: I’m basically ignoring Chuck S5, because I can; also, Revenge barely appears in here at all.  PG-13.

Chuck versus the Unreliable Source )
1. for [ profile] daria234, Chuck: Ellie doing something she thought she would never do (maybe to protect Chuck?).
First, do no harm )

2. for [personal profile] ceares, The Vampire Diaries--"It's okay to love them both, I did." Damon/Katherine/Stefan--what if things had played out like Katherine planned and she'd gotten to keep both boys with her. PG-13.

What you always wanted )

3. for [personal profile] runpunkrun, something with Lois and Lex. Clark/Lois and much UST. Rating: R for dirty talk.

Elephant in the room )

4. for [ profile] roque_clasique, SPN, curtainfic in which Dean was injured badly enough that they had to stop hunting. Note: schmoooop. PG-13 only for pottymouth.

It's curtains for Sam and Dean )
Wow, have I been sitting on this too long. Clearing the decks for 8 Crazy Nights, upcoming.

Chuck versus the Family Business
Pairings: Dean Winchester/Chuck Bartowski, with plenty of other subtext, including Sarah/Chuck/Casey and canon pairings.
Rating: NC-17
For [ profile] pinkfinity in Sweet Charity, forever ago. Chuck and the Winchesters hunt vampires. This is a sequel to Chuck versus the Uncanny, whose premise is that the premise is that Chuck Bartowski and Sam Winchester knew each other casually at Stanford, and met again at the Buy More, where the Winchesters mistook the Intersect for psychic gifts. Don’t even try to match the continuity; AU from after S3 of Chuck and vague post-S6 setting for SPN.
Warnings: Gore and just-offscreen torture, excessive attention to costuming. Also, Dean knows lines from Chicago.

Read it on AO3.

part 1 )

Part 2.

Follow up to Chuck versus the Uncanny. 14,000 words, Chuck Bartowski/Dean Winchester and some UST.
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( Jun. 20th, 2011 11:21 pm)
One older that I forgot to post and one new!  [personal profile] fishpatrol recorded Chuck versus the Left Turn at Albuquerque here (Chuck/SPN fusion, Chuck characters), and [ profile] escherzo recorded Blink (the Rapid Eye Movement Remix) here (SPN, Sam/Dean).
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( May. 3rd, 2011 05:55 pm)
In which you give me the title, I give you something about the story I'd write:

Chuck & SV )

These are fun!  If you give me more, I'll do more.

1. [personal profile] alexseanchai : what if Sam and Dean were Jewish? Note: I have made very few revisions in SPN’s supernatural canon.

They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat. )

2. [personal profile] turnonmyheels: Chuck: Morgan moves into Casey's apartment because he's tired of being a third wheel with Chuck and Sarah. Casey's daughter moves into Casey's apartment for whatever reason. Casey can't stand being around his *daughter* macking on Grimes so he moves in with Chuck and Sarah. Instead of being a third-wheel with Chuck and Sarah, they wind up in a polyamorous relationship. PG-13, maybe; Sarah/Chuck and pre-Sarah/Chuck/Casey.

Chuck versus the Roommate

Three's company )

3. [personal profile] ariadnes_string: SPN/Fringe: "Once, Olivia Dunham met an angel."

No angels were harmed in the making of this story. )

4. [personal profile] theatervine: Supernatural: What if. Instead of Lisa and Ben it was Cassie that Dean went to and they became the Nick and Nora Charles of Supernatural? She's a reporter, he's a PI, together they crack cases and take down bad guys, human & supernatural? How would that change things when Samuel, Sam and the others showed up? Dean/Cassie.

They fight crime! )

5. [personal profile] eclectic: - Ruat Caelum: Lex just... gives up. Clark secured Lex's body, but his soul turns out to be much more elusive. As it turns out, all you had to do to defeat Lex Luthor is to take away his dreams. Note: as you would expect, a bit depressing!

pereat mundus )
Another Chuck story for me, in Yuletide Madness: In the Middle
Casey's the only smart one in the bed. I love Casey’s distinction between his partners’ types of stupidity.

The Opposite of Swarb, Connie Willis--Bellwether
Delightful fandom meta in great Connie Willis voice. The puns alone are enough to make the story fun! Now I kind of want to write a Five Cage Fights … fic.

Chris Hedges on why America sucks, with bonus fat phobia )

more on the financial crisis, Henry Jenkins on emotion in pop culture, David Rakoff essays, film music, cheapness )

Pretty Little Liars, the book )
The Post-Black Friday Shopping Guide: Chuck for me! Pre-Chuck/Sarah/Casey for me!  The voices are wonderful, from Big Mike at the BuyMore to Casey himself, whose observations on Castle/BuyMore security are spot-on. Casey POV! Plus dealing with Ellie as an adult! All the characters are their best selves in this, exactly as I want them to be. My cup runneth over.
1. [personal profile] tehomet: SPN: You could write crack in which Marcy, the nice lady living next door to Bobby, the one who was chatting him up with the cobbler, turns out to be the real tooth fairy, a benign individual, of course. Bobby has to redeem his faux pas in drenching her in woodchipper'd baddie blood, by volunteering himself, and recruiting Dean and Sam as well, to assist her in bringing peace, love, small denomination coins, free toothbrushes, and calcium-enriched sugar-free baked goods to the inhabitants of a small especially-sugar-afflicted village (perhaps one where most of the adults have jobs in a chocolate factory and hence all the kids have dental issues) and overcome the predations of the cavity demons. The cavity demons can only be thwarted, once you've wrenched the drills and pliers and caramels out of their claws, by lassoing them with mint-flavoured dental floss and then banishing them back to their own special hell dimension, the eternal dentist's waiting room o' suffering. If Bobby and Sam and Dean have to dress up for ritual reasons at some point in the traditional uniform of glittery tutus and sparkly eyeliner over their usual jeans, boots and stubble outfits, so much the better.

Note: this is the aftermath, because I can't even. )

2. Anonymous: Jared POV from Full Service Firm

snippety )

3. [personal profile] marfisa: A sequel to last year's Eight Crazy Nights ficlet about Lex finding out that his and Clark's genetically-engineered/cloned(?) son Kon exists and suing Clark for custody of him unless Clark agrees to move into chez Luthor with Kon.

Kon's physically and mentally about eight. )

4. [personal profile] kiezh: Negotiating a poly relationship, preferably m/m/f, any fandom. Note: I picked Chuck.

Chuck versus the Three-Way )
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last 2 weeks of Chuck )

Pro tip: when in the course of work you have to Google for images of the Naked Cowgirl, remember that you have SafeSearch turned off.

The Middle East, women's writing, Ted Chiang, Stephen King, magic CSI, Lois McMaster Bujold )
[ profile] fishpatrol did a podfic of Chuck Versus the Left Turn at Albuquerque, a Chuck story that is a fusion with another fandom. Yay!

Inquiring minds: If you could remix any of my works, what would you do? Just hypothetically, though anyone always has blanket permission to remix/write a sequel to/whatever any of my stories.  Also I love podfic.  Anyone who recorded Vagabondage in particular would make me very very happy.

I’m fairly certain this would be totally hilarious, and I have even sort of written in one of these fandoms already:
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining 24 and The Daily Show.
The story should use a plane crash as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Rosemary’s Baby and Friends using “evil characters becoming good” also had some hilarity possibilities. I wonder if I could ask for that for Yuletide?

Received invitation today to do a recorded interview with a person who nearly makes my eardrums bleed with irritation. It’s my field and would be good exposure, but maturity sometimes consists of saying no to things with a high chance of going wrong, correct? You know how sometimes you just get a sense that a man does not take women as seriously as he takes men? I am convinced that he’s one of those, and there’s this tone in his voice that I can only hear as condescension. Am I being foolish in not gathering my calm and doing battle in a public forum?

Chuck: That's Ms. Awesome to you. )
for [personal profile] veritykindle 
Chuck - Ellie (possibly with Ellie/Awesome), secrets

treat the disease and not the symptom )
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( Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:15 pm)
for [personal profile] copracat 
prompt: Sarah Walker, feeling nearly as faded as my jeans
I do worry that Chuck is suffering from increasing angst syndrome: isn't there a TV trope about this?

general mood spoilers for S3 )



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