Abigail Nussbaum’s review of Lucy explains really well what I liked, and didn’t like, about it.

I also liked [personal profile] rachelmanija's review of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians—if you can stand spoilers (heed the content warnings), there is good discussion in the comments.

Daniel Abraham )

Loki down under )

Steven Brust & Skyler White )

Jim Butcher )

James S.A. Corey )

A Justice League Mirrorverse crossover )

Thanks to [personal profile] digitalwave for the birthday wishes!

Fannish Freecycle: Cast-signed Veronica Mars poster. Let me know if you want it!

Good article on perils of big data: "Street Bump offers us 'N = All' in the sense that every bump from every enabled phone can be recorded. That is not the same thing as recording every pothole. As Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford points out, found data contain systematic biases and it takes careful thought to spot and correct for those biases. Big data sets can seem comprehensive but the 'N = All' is often a seductive illusion."

Ancillary Justice, Three Parts Dead, Chew: Taster's Choice )
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This "pick a topic and a day in January and I'll write about it" meme seems interesting--anyone who wants to give me a topic is welcome to do so.

Sarah Rees Brennan, Beasts of Burden, Malinda Lo, The Massive )
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 Anyone interested in Animal Man 1-12 (new 52), East/West 1-6, and/or Atomic Robo vols. 5, 6, vol. 7 issues 1-2 and Real Science Adventures 1-5, drop me a line at rivkat at gmail.
New information: if you’ve had a cold for a week and then your gums start hurting, when you go to the urgent care clinic and list your symptoms they will be unimpressed until you get to “gums hurting,” at which point you will be diagnosed with sinusitis and dosed with antibiotics. Talk about how I f’n love science.
Revival, Batman, time travel, wishes granted, Sondheim lyrics )
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Infocide in open content communities: Includes flouncing, but puts it in a larger context.

Bankruptcy court overlooks predatory lending, discharges student loans based on debtor’s autism instead. It’s important to remember that the strategies that benefit an individual client in court can be harmful overall (and maybe even to the client in some ways). Here, the strategy is only desirable because of the way creditor-favoring laws have made it almost impossible for a person to discharge educational debt; we didn’t have to create these alternatives.

Via [personal profile] giandujakiss: There was fan fiction before you called it fan fiction, and before there was copyright it was called writing. -- Anne Jamison, English professor

Grant Morrison, the Columbian exchange, Barbie as folk art, the relationship between freedom and the internet, and a great book on the history of technology )
My Yuletide story was Anna to the Infinite Power, Divergence to Infinity.

A couple of other things:

Mutant Rights, Marvel arguing that X-Men are monsters and not humans for tax purposes.

Sweet Eureka episodic goodness, Pterosaurs for All.

Haven, Duke Ex Machina, equally sweet in its own way.

The Middleman, The Infernal Celibacy Rededication. Roxy Wasserman! The Booty Chest!

Fannish freecycle: I now have an extra copy of The Hunger Games. Comment or email me at rivkat at gmail if you want it.  Ties broken by randomness.
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( May. 21st, 2010 08:38 pm)
The death of men: Ōoku and Batman )
For reasons not worth exploring at this juncture, I really need help identifying the source of this picture of Cogliostro from Spawn. Any comics fans able to help a girl out?picture below cut )




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