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( Jan. 15th, 2013 11:33 pm)
Short SPN thought for this season )

Programmer outsources own job to China, receives glowing performance reviews

Reading trolly comments can be harmful to your own balance and deliberation. In other news, water is wet. I wonder if concern trolls produce the same results?

I didn’t know Aaron Swartz, but I have a number of friends who did; he did a lot of good for open online culture, and the law prosecutors were hounding him with needs to be changed so that it can’t be used to threaten anyone who does something without permission. If you’re in the US, please consider signing this petition to the White House

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I’m rewatching S1 of Fringe,Olivia Dunham needs your help and will get it )

A really good illustration of the weaknesses of trying to explain things with evolutionary psychology:
Textbooks in evolutionary psychology have proposed the hypothesis that the fear of spiders is an adaptation shaped by the mortal threat posed by their bites. In other words, we are descended from hominid wusses who thrived because they kept away from spiders. The idea is prompted by evidence that people may be innately primed to notice and be wary of spiders (as we seem to be of snakes). Yet there is no reason to think that spiders in the Stone Age were a greater threat to man than they are now—which is to say, hardly any threat at all. Scientists who study phobias and dislikes have come up with several features of spiders that may be more relevant than their bites, including their unpredictable, darting movements. Natural selection would have played some role in the development of any such general aversions, which may have their origins in distant species, somewhere far back down the line that leads to us. But that’s another story, one that evolutionary psychologists have less interest in telling, because they like tales about early man. It would be good to know why some people love spiders—there is, inevitably, a Facebook group—while others have a paralyzing phobia, and most of us fall somewhere in between. But, with one large exception, evolutionary psychology has little to say about the differences among people; it’s concerned mainly with human universals, not human variations.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2012 10:05 pm)
I enjoyed many of the Festivids, but the reason you should watch Propagation is to be recruited to Threshold, a short-lived but really neat sf alien invasion show where the aliens keep winning. Stars Carla Gugino, Peter Dinklage, and Brent Spiner, along with a very handsome military man with a mysterious backstory that sadly never got explored. Go, watch, then watch more!

Also, I don’t know if this Life vid works as a recruiter vid because the ways it employs canon to match with the lyrics are so good; watch it and find out!

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The most recent LJ stuff, brilliantly satirized here by [personal profile] marcelo (or is it satire?), has helped push me to move more towards Dreamwidth. Also, my LJ list has been broken for a while, in the sense that I haven’t been adding anyone back or going beyond a tight filter because I got overwhelmed and neurotic, and I’d like to start again.

What this means for this journal on LJ: initially, I’m consolidating comments on DW, which I hope will help the conversations. I love comments, especially on stories! I really hope everyone comments at DW, or on the AO3!

As for my reading list: I’ll be trying to read new people as well as old friends via starting fresh on DW, so if you like, please do find me on DW, where I’m still [personal profile] rivkat. If you crosspost to DW, I’ll be reading you there. (If I miss you, sorry, just let me know! I’m sure I’ve dropped more than a few balls in the transition.) If you don’t crosspost but don’t have locked entries (that I can see) I will probably follow you as a feed. For non-crossposting journals with locked entries, I will probably try tracking them. Suggestions welcome, of course.

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Rec: [personal profile] giandujakiss ’s new Castiel vid “A Charming Man,” which I was privileged to beta. It’s exactly the argument about Castiel and what he is/does/portends for Dean, and how he fits into and upends Sam and Dean’s lives, that I wanted to see. Great use of internal motion and lyric matching; superfast cuts.

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