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( Dec. 28th, 2013 12:03 am)
New icon on DW from a piece of art that is way too expensive for me, but that I love anyway (because of the X-Files, of course).  It's made from a crumpled dollar bill.

I got a delightful Sleepy Hollow story for Yuletide! Three Gifts is the kind of Ichabod/Abbie pining that really does it for me.  This is a relationship with real barriers and I respect that greatly. 

Yuletide Madness also brought me the equally delightful Covert Affairs story Away, which is Auggie/Eyal as part of an established threesome with Annie. It went directly to my own personal cravings for them. 

Others: Excellent multimedia in this Galaxy Quest story, which is as affectionate towards fandom as its source. And GQ fandom also got the amazingly tender/pleasurably painful Alexander Dane story I didn’t know I needed, The Space Between,  in which there is also a reboot.

Charlie Stross’s Laundry universe: Violins at Work, from the perspective of Mo O’Brien, Bob Howard’s extremely dangerous wife. Very Strosslike: “Is there a word for an appetite and some kind of understanding without a mind to do the planning? Kind of like a cat deciding that this human will just about do as a servant, because it smells of food, but without the sensitivity and consideration for which all felines are well known.”

Non-Yuletide: my J2 story Full Service Firm now has a Russian translation, which I think is a first for me. As always, I remain impressed by the archive’s growth: the translation’s work number is an order of magnitude greater than Full Service Firm’s.

Also, randomly, anyone who really wanted to rock my world could make a Vampire Diaries Damon vid to Diamond Ring’s Wait and See. He’s chancing on situations and he’s out of his league! He just needs some provocation and he’s down on his knees! (I am so serious here: this would be my Lord King Bad Vid of great commitment if I did such things.)

Personal note: the new scar on my arm reminds me way too much of the Eye of Sauron. Or any eye really. Scars should not look like eyes, is what I’m saying here.

And finally: This is the best pickup conversation ever, and the fact that it comes from a Dean Winchester sex dream is only icing on the cake. 
So, I got mansplained to yesterday about how there’s no sexism in the rap music business because Salt ‘N Pepa. OK, white guy! Also the videographer told me that he liked me because I was feisty. All in all a somewhat strange day.

I am still poking away at Eight Crazy Nights, I swear!

[personal profile] giandujakiss : Anything Abbie & Ichabod, snarking at each other over Ichabod's adjustments to the modern world, would make me so happy!

shot heard round the world )

[personal profile] wendelah1: in honor of the twentieth anniversary of The X-Files, how about a holiday ficlet?

a kiss under the mistletoe ... or was that toe? )

For Anonymous: It occurs to me that Smallville's Clark got his superhearing very shortly after the events of "Asylum." What if that ability came just a bit sooner?

can you hear me now? )

For [personal profile] ceares: It's sad that's I've burned out on TVD and have no idea what's going on but I'd still love some Bonnie/Matt/Jeremy if you're so inclined.

NC-17, in which Matt shares the benefit of his experience )


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( May. 20th, 2013 05:12 pm)
For a prompt from [personal profile] on_verra : SPN/TVD crossover - One of the Winchester brothers gets into a fight with Damon Salvatore without even realizing that Damon's a vampire until after the fact.
Damon Salvatore/Dean Winchester, timeline undefined but sometime post-S8 for SPN; references to Benny. Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for beta even though Damon puts her to sleep.
Say that again, Dean suggested )
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( Feb. 20th, 2013 06:16 pm)
Still basically gone, but: for [personal profile] hesychasm: TVD, something with Caroline and Klaus.

the heart wants what it wants )
for [personal profile] wendelah1: Olivia & Astrid friendship fic. I loved the dynamic between them before Peter showed up in season four.

BFFs )

... and for [personal profile] vivien: Lex Luthor in the Hamptons - Smallville/Revenge crossover

level up )

... and for [personal profile] angryfurball: Damon/Elena; "Damon is either the best thing for her, or the worst." Note: um, this doesn’t have any Damon/Elena interaction? But it is all about that, so. Damon Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett, bestest enemies.

divided vote )

for [personal profile] jadelennox, Vampire Diaries, “made out of clay.”

and when it's dry and ready )

... and for [personal profile] wendelah1: Fringe/X-Files cross-over fic! Maybe Scully is asked to consult on a case. Mulder can come, too.

The precision of your incisions )

... and for anonymous: Captured by the Game verse!! Please for all that is holy with a cherry on top could you add another part??? Note: Okay, I’ve kicked around various alternate paths for them; this is a continuation of this earlier bit.

I was there first )

... and for [personal profile] lilyoftheval5: Dark Angel - Max/Alec - In a near future Transgenics had the chance and the time to start developing their own society, social structures that feel natural to them. There are Heats. There are hierarchies. There are children.

natural aptitude )
[personal profile] rheasilvia: Alaric/Damon, getting in over their heads (in any sense you want to take it *g*); also, a fix-it would be nice

At Once Our Time Devour

roll our sweetness into one ball )
for [personal profile] jadelennox: Vampire Diaries. Any character (though I vote Bonnie, because of Katarina Graham) who has at least one Jewish parent and decides to celebrate Hanukkah.

Bonnie lights, Damon snarks--the usual division of labor )
For [personal profile] ceares: The Vampire Diaries, Damon/Elena/Stefan--everyone says she's nothing like Katherine but they're wrong. She can be just as ruthless as any Petrova woman. Basically Elena being badass and heartless when it comes to protecting Stefan and Damon. G; nothing explicit relationship-wise, so read it as you like.

Spoilers for all aired episodes )
For [personal profile] ceares: The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena going into Charlie's Angels mode and rescuing the town and the guys. (Not sure I got the full Charlie’s Angels thing going.)

Fix-it )
For [personal profile] jadelennox: vampire diaries. Preferably something with Bonnie and Caroline and Elena being awesome. If you want more than that, how about, hmm, it's senior year, and in the midst of everything they still have to pass chemistry. (Or the class of your choice.)

Will this be on the final? )

For [personal profile] thefourthvine: Clark/Lex, toga
Clark didn't know where to look )
Still working on these:
for [personal profile] turnonmyheels: TVD, Alaric/Damon or Damon & Alaric, R for sexual references.

buddy caper )

for [personal profile] intothespin: Nolan Ross/Tony Stark. Mergers & acquisitions. Or drunken hookups at cocktail parties, whichever is easier.

bit of both? )
for [personal profile] giandujakiss: TVD, Bonnie/Damon. Where Bonnie is awesome. (Author’s note: my reaction was, “That’s easy. Is Bonnie in the story? There, done.”) Warning: Blood exchange.

in which Bonnie has an idea, and Damon. )

for [personal profile] alexseanchai: Supernatural. Female Jewish hunter, first encounter with demons.

Maiden run )

for [personal profile] serrico, Revenge: Emily understands that part of the reason Nolan keeps pushing Jack at her is because Nolan knows he can't have Jack himself. It's a little awkward, but Emily's good at dealing with awkward things. PG-13 for language.

Emily's a dish, served cold. )
1. for [livejournal.com profile] daria234, Chuck: Ellie doing something she thought she would never do (maybe to protect Chuck?).
First, do no harm )

2. for [personal profile] ceares, The Vampire Diaries--"It's okay to love them both, I did." Damon/Katherine/Stefan--what if things had played out like Katherine planned and she'd gotten to keep both boys with her. PG-13.

What you always wanted )

3. for [personal profile] runpunkrun, something with Lois and Lex. Clark/Lois and much UST. Rating: R for dirty talk.

Elephant in the room )

4. for [livejournal.com profile] roque_clasique, SPN, curtainfic in which Dean was injured badly enough that they had to stop hunting. Note: schmoooop. PG-13 only for pottymouth.

It's curtains for Sam and Dean )
Happy Hanukah!

For [personal profile] meret: Elena/Stefan/Damon. PWP (not just Elena in the middle). Very NC-17.
Have some threesome. )

for [personal profile] samsom: Old school CLex, Clark's first grown up party. *is nostalgic* Very AU, schmoop.
Definitely Not a Nashville Party, PG-13 )
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( Sep. 23rd, 2011 11:31 pm)
Fringe: Spoilers )

SPN:Much vaguer thoughts )

TVD: Back to slightly more specific spoilers )

As for other TV: I have dumped The Lying Game as too far outside my core interests, and Ringer is on the bubble, as is The Secret Circle—get interesting fast or go home; I don’t have that much time to watch TV!

So, in case there is a big migration to G+, I have set up a placeholder G+ after deleting my RivkaT account there. The email is separate from my other services, and I’m now using three different browsers so that I can have my Blogger identity separate from my Gmail identity (which will work until Google decides that my online name isn’t good enough for it for Reader and Gmail either).  I’m not actively using it now. But if you want to find me there, I’m at Rivka Tee.



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