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( Nov. 1st, 2016 01:53 pm)
Sampling media, including vids )

How to run a condo association )

about ISIS )Cary Elwes, As You Wish: Adorable stories from the making of The Princess Bride. Fun for fans.

masculinity in American literature (and a little law) )

Antony Beevor, The Second World War: Huge history of the war in Asia and Europe. Doesn’t skimp on brutality—cannibalism shows up in multiple areas, though only as a deliberate military tactic on the part of the Japanese. Military miscalculation happens on both sides, but, as someone said, the Americans don’t solve problems, they overwhelm them.

Hillbilly Elegy )

Hitler )

J.R. McNeill, The Great Acceleration: Compilation of evidence about the anthropocene—how humans have changed the planet in terms of energy consumption, population growth, species extinction and displacement, urbanization, air quality/water quality/warming, etc. We’ve made a big bet that we can change all this and survive; our grandchildren may discover how that pays off.

Here, have a doomsday scenario )

Elaine Khosrova, Butter: A Rich History: Free early reviewer book. I was hoping this would be a cute little one-item history of the world, but it’s really just about how butter was and is made, with a few jaunts to other countries to see how goat, yak, etc. butter is and was made, along with a defense of fat (v. carbs) and lot of recipes at the end. If you want some butter-heavy recipes, including most of the key French sauces, then go for it.

Sister Citizen )

Fixing things is possible )
OK, so I started watching Killjoys, which is the story of two hot brothers and the woman who bosses them around, in a universe that is almost exactly Firefly’s universe except without the excellent dialogue and where River is in charge both of herself and her crew. It has potential, guys! The lead’s backstory of being a trained killer is interesting; one of the brothers has serious PTSD to go with his abs, and the other is Aaron Ashmore and cracks wise, even though that only tends to highlight that they haven’t exactly invested in Whedonesque dialogue writers.

Long review: Louisa Ellen Stein, Millennial Fandom )
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( Jul. 8th, 2014 09:52 am)
So it seems I'm writing a SV story in which your soulmate's name is written on your skin. Clark/Lex of course. Any suggestions for what should be in it? I have a few ideas, but I seek further inspiration.

Generation Kill )

Samantha Power on genocide )

Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls )
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( Apr. 25th, 2014 03:06 pm)
Slate has a letter from Rose Wilder Lane to Laura Ingalls Wilder about the Little House books, and it’s amazing.
You must take into account the actual distinction between truth and fact…. Facts are infinite in number. The truth is a meaning underlying them; you tell the truth by selecting the facts which illustrate that.
… Maybe it is a fact that you girls lived a whole summer within easy walking distance of your cousins, out on an empty prairie where there were no other neighbors, and had nothing to do with them, but such a thing absolutely can not happen in fiction. You will just have to take my word for it. Not once in a thousand million times will such a thing happen among actual human beings actually living, and a writer can’t make it happen in fiction without providing some terrific motive for it. The mere fact that you did it has no bearing whatever upon the question. I can not imagine why you did it. Neither can any reader, and I tell you that … in fiction you have to explain them. You have the brief scene in which Laura threatens to kill Charley with a knife, but that has to be cut out. A 12-year-old girl whose cousin wants to kiss her does not normally threaten him with a knife; she laughs and kisses him, he’s her cousin. Or if she’s shy or doesn’t like him she just escapes, and the incident is not important enough to mention. Here you have a young girl, a girl 12 years old, who’s led rather an isolated life with father, mother, sisters in the country, and you can not have her suddenly acting like a slum child who has protected her virginity from street gangs since she was seven or eight. Maybe you did it, but you can not do it in fiction; you can not make it credible in under ten or twelve thousand words, and if you do make it credible it’s not a child’s book.
Eliza Rickman, Pretty Little Head: second great song I’ve discovered thanks to WTNV.

technopeasants, parenting, fandom )
Now just to get enough writing done.

Links: Marco Rubio says the age of the earth is “one of the great mysteries.” No. No, it’s not!

Men’s emotions as the standard for rationality.

Hilarious! For certain values of hilarious, anyway. How to make pseudoephedrine from meth.  The factchecking comments at BoingBoing also warm my heart (what’s the chemical reaction there?).

Cory Doctorow wrote a book about video remixers. Apparently they’re all dudes, though? And I have to admit I’m sympathetic to this review, which argues that he severely overstacks the deck against Big Content and that there is a difference between remix (especially remix that starts with paid-for DVDs/downloads, yay DMCA exemptions!) and wholesale downloading for consumption’s sake.
13 bankers, best practices for nonprofits )

Gone With the Wind Sequels, including fan fiction )
Did anyone else think, when Google announced it was adding underwater reefs to its maps in the same week that Apple got its own map app disastrously wrong, “now you’re just showing off”?

two disasters and a phenomenon )
Lynn Zubernis & Katherine Larsen, Fandom at the Crossroads: Celebration, Shame and Fan/Producer Relationships: A whole book about spn fandom! )
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( Aug. 4th, 2011 04:35 pm)
Grumpy historical review of Cowboys and Aliens, which was at least as fun for me to read as watching the movie was likely to be, even with Daniel Craig’s ass.

Enron, racial profiling, MLK's assassin, boys' love manga )
Random promotion: I love Dropbox. It just saved my hide when I turned out to have deleted some very important footnotes by allowing me to go back about forty versions and nearly a month to find an older file that had the footnotes. If you’re looking for a convenient cloud backup service, I recommend it highly. And if you join using this link,  I get extra space and so do you (250 mb to add to your free 2 gigs; they continue to give you the extra if you pay to upgrade, as I do). (I checked out Amazon’s cloud drive and just didn’t get it. As far as I could tell, you couldn’t upload whole folders that weren’t music folders, and then there didn’t seem to be automatic backup. If you just want to store stuff that you don’t alter, maybe it’s a good idea? But if you’re constantly revising files, and if you want to move whole folders around, it didn’t seem that easy, though it’s possible I’m just used to Dropbox. I have not tried Apple’s service.)

ignoring the obvious, the dead hand of the past, fan fiction and the law )
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( Aug. 29th, 2010 03:44 pm)
Had I known just how many angry white people would be sharing the Metro with me on Saturday for Glenn Beck’s rally, I probably would have taken a cab to the airport.

Buffy fandom, Sime/Gen, Jim Hines )
Trying the DW crossposter again. Apologies if it looks awful; I do not understand how to make the cut tag work in the rich text interface, much less the block quote, and think that Semagic may be my best option for the time being. Free theory! )



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