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( Jan. 2nd, 2014 09:35 am)
For [personal profile] norwich36; January 2: Stories you've written you're especially proud of, and why.

favorites )
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( Jul. 5th, 2013 10:45 am)
Firefly rewatch:

(1) When I rewatched Terminator:TSCC, what really stood out was the beauty of the cinematography (and the characters, but that goes without saying). This time on Firefly, what I’m noticing is the sound design. It’s not just that space is silent, but all the locations have a distinct aural texture. Well done, Mutant Enemy!

(2) 1x03, Bushwhacked, Mal, of the sole survivor of the Reavers: “Charity’d be a bullet in the brainpan.” Never noticed that callback in the movie before. I found a list of callbacks and (alleged) inconsistencies, though many of the latter seem quite handwavable: the best callback of all is the Trans-U Reaver ship.

Claudia Gray, Harlan Ellison, zombie YA, Connie Willis )
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( Jun. 17th, 2012 09:53 pm)
Two links of ugh, one combination ugh/awesomeness, one pure awesomeness.

Today in topsy-turvy land: “‘We can't be outcome driven,’ said Anne Tompkins, the U.S. attorney in Charlotte [explaining why the government was opposing the release of people it concedes are legally innocent of the crimes for which they’re imprisoned]. ‘We've got to make sure we follow the law, and people should want us to do that.’”  One could call this use of “follow the law” mere equivocation, but mere equivocation doesn’t keep legally innocent people locked up.

How not to think about rape: U.S. government decides to perform cost-benefit analysis on prison rape prevention programs.

Great article on race and fandom (cosplay).

[personal profile] serrico wrote a Charlie/girl!Dean story for me!

William Gibson, paranormal romance, Firefly: Still Flying )
For [personal profile] wendelah1: Fringe/XFiles cross-over: Olivia has to consult Scully for some case that needs...consulting. Mulder can come too, of course.
The old X designation )

For [personal profile] maraceles: more of that Supernatural/Firefly crossover, Angels in the Architecture. Gen or Sam/Dean. (Note: can be read either way. Also River/player to be named below.)

spinning in infinity )
[livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins did a podfic of Angels in the Architecture, my SPN/Firefly crossover!  Which may or may not have more chapters later, depending on Eight Crazy Nights!
1. [personal profile] brownbetty: Max from DA finds a position as one of Lex Luthor's Girl Fridays. It's all fun and games until Alec shows up and tries to convince her Luthor's bent and she needs to book it.

we metahumans have to stick together )

2. [personal profile] ladydey: SV: Lex/Clark - Clark didn't realize (okay he might have been repressing it) how much he missed Lex, the real Lex. When Lex finally returned to Metropolis, Clark didn't know if he could ever stay away again.

return to me )

3. [livejournal.com profile] maraceles: I would die for more of the Captured by the Game universe--well, actually, a continuation of that story but an AU of the sequel. (Sam gets killed somehow during the final battle with Azazel, and Dean still makes his deal to get him back, still goes to Hell and is resurrected by Castiel, still starts up the Apocalypse.) Basically, I'd LOVE to see that Sam deal with the season four situation: Having lost Dean. Dealing with angels. Would Game!Sam and Game!Dean fare better then their canon versions? *g* Note: part but not all of the prompt. Maybe I’ll get to the angels later?

went a little nuts without you )

4. [personal profile] thefourthvine: SV, the axiom of choice! (And if you'd like a pairing with your prompt, Clark/Lex.)

Lex is quoting Bertrand Russell. )

5. [personal profile] kiezh: Smallville future: Lex and Clark mutual voyeurism, undiscussed but known to both. (One's got x-ray vision, the other has spy devices! It's a stalker match made in heaven!) Note: NC-17; various pairings.

Year of the Voyeur )

6. [personal profile] meret: I have a theory that Spike would fall head over heels in love with River Tam if they were to meet. She's part Drusilla, part Buffy, and part Fred.

and all awesome )

7. [personal profile] fandomfan: Supernatural: if you happened to snag any ideas from this set of photos, I'd be a happy camper. Yes, they're on set photos (from S3), but I would love and adore you for any scenario that could get Dean (rather than Jensen) in a bathrobe and slippers on a mini-scooter.

but why a *mini* scooter? )
OK, so I have unilaterally extended Hanukah. Also, apparently my old AOL account was hacked. Sorry! I have changed the password and deleted all the contacts. If you get email from rivkat at AOL, that won’t be me unless you emailed me at that address.

[personal profile] ladydey: SPN: Sam/Dean - Dean's quest to Underworld to find Sam's lost soul and return it to him. I wouldn't be adverse to Dean's spectral form having awesome wings! Note: as it happens, there are significant Dean/Castiel elements to this as well as Sam/Dean. PG-13 for Dean’s foul mouth (I don't let post-S3 Dean say "Hell" to curse, which makes him say other things). Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for quick beta.

winged victory )

[personal profile] norwich36: more of the SPN/Firefly crossover.

wisdom to know the difference )

[personal profile] theatervine: Fringe: Peter knows Bolivia isn't Olivia, but he wants to hold on just a little longer because he thinks his Olivia is dead. Note: reflects most recent developments; thus the prompt has been … tinkered with.

seeing red )
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( Mar. 11th, 2010 04:03 pm)
But I need to start writing again!

for [personal profile] jain

Pairing: Wash/Zoe
Prompt: resistance

The bed was always too small for them. )
[livejournal.com profile] suzumi_tori: a continuation of the Supernatural/Firefly crossover.

angels in the architecture )

[personal profile] aloysiavirgata: I'd love to see a post-Orison fic with Mulder and Scully dealing with the immediate aftermath. Cleaning up her apartment, the emotional/professional ramifications of the shooting, that kind of thing.

not prince Hamlet/all my sins remembered )

[livejournal.com profile] jakrar: Fringe - It would be great to see your take on Peter finding out that Walter brought him to this world after his own son died. Also, should they be expecting any sort of repercussions from that any time soon...? See also: [livejournal.com profile] ignazwisdom: FRINGE FIC! I have NO specifics, though. Just ... Fringe fic.

we are not who we are )

[personal profile] thuviaptarth: Dean/Alastair or Dean & Alastair in hell. Note: I'm pretty sure Dean/Alastair is always implied; that's how it stays here.

give me all of you )

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( Sep. 27th, 2009 08:28 pm)
I decided to write up a list of vids I never get tired of, trying to limit myself to one per fandom except SPN, which means a large number got excluded. It’s also interesting to see which from my old recs post have become “rewatch a lot” vids. I’m definitely trending to faster cuts, but I still love my emo porn.

Angel, BSG, Chuck, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly, Heroes, Highlander, Iron Man, Legend of the Seeker, Multi, QAFUS, RPV, Smallville, Star Trek TOS, SGA, Supernatural, X-Files  )
Yuletide rec: Teenage Suicide: Not the Worst Idea Ever: What if failing at suicide gave Ram a brain and Kurt a soul? (Heathers)

For [livejournal.com profile] chase820

(Gossip Girl/BtVS) After law school, a bored Blair Waldorf ditches the UES merry-go-round for a job with the FBI/CIA/NSS pick-your-mysterious-law-enforcement agency. Her new partner? Faith Lehane. )

for [livejournal.com profile] cellia

(SPN) Pamela, colors and/or meeting old friends )

For [livejournal.com profile] maggiebloome
In “any of your fandoms”: Bondage Planet/The Thing With The Collar And The Scented Oil Is A Native Custom, Really. (Chuck) Not quite there, but I hope it qualifies. )

for [livejournal.com profile] shiba_inu

(SV/JLU) You've got somebody pulling Monitor Duty. Alert comes up that a League member is battling somebody. I suppose they watch stuff like this so they can send in backup if it becomes necessary. Anyway there's a fight and, while it's never really in doubt that the Leaguer will win the outfits are getting torn, there's a lot of sweating and grunting going on... )

for [livejournal.com profile] jakrar

My Own Worst Enemy: On the bright side, he finally understands Edward. )

For a lurker
SV AU C/L as written by Octavia Butler? E.g. irresistible biochemical attraction or involuntary-yet-complicated servitude. )

for [livejournal.com profile] suzume_tori

(SPN/Firefly) Sam and Dean end up in the Firefly dimension. Dean meets Mal. Life is awesome. Bonus points for any angels that tag along (Castiel, Uriel). Mal as a (very disgruntled) damsel in distress who must be saved by Dean? )

And a SPN snippet for myself, inspired by rewatching S2:
Because vampires are always fun )
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 09:50 pm)
Hanukah drabble offer: Comment here with one of my fandoms and a prompt and I will try to do at least one drabble a day during Hanukah, which begins Dec. 4. If I am ambitious enough I may try to have one that stands as the shamash and continues eight nights. I do not, however, promise nine on the last night! (Fandoms: Buffy, Chuck, Firefly, Heroes, Nip/Tuck, Smallville, Supernatural, X-Files, or anything else you think I know and might be willing to try.) ETA: Prompts need not have a holiday/Jewish theme, and drabbles may not either.

Grab bag: fantasy/horror, hitmen and thrillers, Firefly )
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( Mar. 17th, 2007 02:43 pm)
Three different fandoms, one song.  It's probably not a great idea to watch them all at once, but the contrasts are quite intriguing because of the different meanings and different relationships illustrated by "sometimes it feels like/you don't have a body."  I also particularly like the three different interpretations of "try to speak American."

Heroes (Peter):

Firefly (River/Mal/Serenity -- well, that last one is my interpretation, but isn't she necessarily part of them?):

SPN (Sam or Sam/Dean, your choice):
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( Feb. 23rd, 2006 10:18 pm)
These podcasts are why the Internet was invented: two nice people in Urbana, Illinois, do a podcast of gothy music via local community radio each week. The one I first chose, from 2/16/2006, includes them getting a phone call midshow, but it's a phone call for another radio show and thus dealt with almost off-mic. They call themselves DJ ZoZo (Daniel) and DJ Kannibal (Kristen), and I like their taste, if not their DJ skills.

If you haven't had enough Serenity, the Big Damn Recap is for you. Some nice discussion of the movie's themes along with the recap. spoilers for the movie )
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( Dec. 8th, 2002 03:17 am)
Firefly. Wow. I've never laughed so hard at a torture scene in my life. And none of the characters are rewrites of Buffy/Angel characters, the way that WW characters rewrite those of SN. There's traits, sure, but Wash is more than a little bit Xander, a little bit Oz. If Zoe kicks any more ass, she's going to have to aim at her own backside, 'cause nothing else is left.

Is anyone else watching Taken? I find it interesting and boring by turns. Halfway through, so I guess I'm committed to watching until the end. It's nowhere near the commitment that, say, the last two seasons of XF were.

I have a very strange vertical bruise along my spine at the small of my back. Can't figure out how I got it. My body is as much a stranger to me as anyone else's.

I was reading Derek Lowe's excellent chemistry blog, and the following story came to me, chemistry copied and/or paraphrased from him. I'm not sure it's worth posting elsewhere (nor am I sure it would fit on LexSlash, though it's UST-friendly). Dark Lex. Please comment.

Summary: There are signposts on the road to darkness. Or, if all men were brothers, would you let one marry your sister?

Edited: go here for the final version of the story.



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