rivkat: Dean reading (dean reading)
( Jul. 5th, 2013 10:45 am)
Firefly rewatch:

(1) When I rewatched Terminator:TSCC, what really stood out was the beauty of the cinematography (and the characters, but that goes without saying). This time on Firefly, what I’m noticing is the sound design. It’s not just that space is silent, but all the locations have a distinct aural texture. Well done, Mutant Enemy!

(2) 1x03, Bushwhacked, Mal, of the sole survivor of the Reavers: “Charity’d be a bullet in the brainpan.” Never noticed that callback in the movie before. I found a list of callbacks and (alleged) inconsistencies, though many of the latter seem quite handwavable: the best callback of all is the Trans-U Reaver ship.

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