Happy Hanukkah!

OK, so my professional writing has been so overloaded that these are going to be more uncertain than usual, but I still might have some room if anyone wants to prompt me. (Pro tip: even if you decline travel, if you agree to write multiple book chapters you will still have a miserable semester. The More You Know.)

For [personal profile] wendelah1 :, how does it work for the people in one timeline when you start another one? Do Peter, Olivia and Astrid just go on for a while and then blink out of existence? What do people do when they know they're living on borrowed time, in a sense?

You may ask yourself, how do I work this? )

For [personal profile] serrico: SPN: Sam finds something in the MoL bunker that gives him pause.

threw away the key )

more tomorrow, I hope!  Happy Thanksgivukkah!

for [personal profile] wendelah1: Olivia & Astrid friendship fic. I loved the dynamic between them before Peter showed up in season four.

BFFs )

... and for [personal profile] vivien: Lex Luthor in the Hamptons - Smallville/Revenge crossover

level up )

... and for [personal profile] angryfurball: Damon/Elena; "Damon is either the best thing for her, or the worst." Note: um, this doesn’t have any Damon/Elena interaction? But it is all about that, so. Damon Salvatore & Bonnie Bennett, bestest enemies.

divided vote )

for [personal profile] jadelennox, Vampire Diaries, “made out of clay.”

and when it's dry and ready )

... and for [personal profile] wendelah1: Fringe/X-Files cross-over fic! Maybe Scully is asked to consult on a case. Mulder can come, too.

The precision of your incisions )

... and for anonymous: Captured by the Game verse!! Please for all that is holy with a cherry on top could you add another part??? Note: Okay, I’ve kicked around various alternate paths for them; this is a continuation of this earlier bit.

I was there first )

... and for [personal profile] lilyoftheval5: Dark Angel - Max/Alec - In a near future Transgenics had the chance and the time to start developing their own society, social structures that feel natural to them. There are Heats. There are hierarchies. There are children.

natural aptitude )
for [livejournal.com profile] daria234: Revenge, character's favorite myth.

Nolan likes the tricksters )

... and for [personal profile] wendelah1: How about fix-it fic for Fringe 4.4, "The Bullet that Saved the World"?

it as if you have saved the whole world )

... and for [personal profile] alexseanchai: Supernatural, dealer's choice of character(s):
This is the moment when the gods expect me to beg for help
But I won't even try
I want nothing in this world but myself to protect me
But I won't lie down, roll over, and die

Jo has questions )

... and for [personal profile] kinetikatrue: Okay, because Real Genius didn't make it into Yuletide, a prompt for it -- how about 'Chris Knight is secretly Tony Stark's son'? (Note that the timing means that Tony Stark has to be a fair bit older than Chris Knight; the setting is basic Real Genius eightiesish.)

Mitch approached Chris with the care he'd ordinarily devote to positioning a laser )
for [personal profile] giandujakiss: Revenge - Nolan and Emily, BFFs! And/or, having finished with Emily's Revenge, go on the road doing long cons on the 1%. Either one, or both!

You owe me, Ems )

... and

for [personal profile] kass: Fringe, the Bishop family (any definition thereof), waffles

Walter has discovered molecular gastronomy )

... I may actually finish on time this year!
I’m rewatching S1 of Fringe,Olivia Dunham needs your help and will get it )

A really good illustration of the weaknesses of trying to explain things with evolutionary psychology:
Textbooks in evolutionary psychology have proposed the hypothesis that the fear of spiders is an adaptation shaped by the mortal threat posed by their bites. In other words, we are descended from hominid wusses who thrived because they kept away from spiders. The idea is prompted by evidence that people may be innately primed to notice and be wary of spiders (as we seem to be of snakes). Yet there is no reason to think that spiders in the Stone Age were a greater threat to man than they are now—which is to say, hardly any threat at all. Scientists who study phobias and dislikes have come up with several features of spiders that may be more relevant than their bites, including their unpredictable, darting movements. Natural selection would have played some role in the development of any such general aversions, which may have their origins in distant species, somewhere far back down the line that leads to us. But that’s another story, one that evolutionary psychologists have less interest in telling, because they like tales about early man. It would be good to know why some people love spiders—there is, inevitably, a Facebook group—while others have a paralyzing phobia, and most of us fall somewhere in between. But, with one large exception, evolutionary psychology has little to say about the differences among people; it’s concerned mainly with human universals, not human variations.
Carol Berg, Drew Magary, Mike Carey )
for [personal profile] turnonmyheels: Walter tries to build his own intersect, whacky crossover hijinks ensue

secret/agent )
rivkat: olivia from fringe (olivia fringe)
( Jun. 18th, 2012 02:30 pm)
for [personal profile] monanotlisa 
Fringe, Alternate Olivia/Lincoln Lee
Prompt: Marble House: The moment we believe that we have never met/Another kind of love it's easy to forget.
I wanted to walk a trail with no end in sight. )
For [personal profile] wendelah1: Fringe/XFiles cross-over: Olivia has to consult Scully for some case that needs...consulting. Mulder can come too, of course.
The old X designation )

For [personal profile] maraceles: more of that Supernatural/Firefly crossover, Angels in the Architecture. Gen or Sam/Dean. (Note: can be read either way. Also River/player to be named below.)

spinning in infinity )
1. For [personal profile] mareen: Revenge: Nolan joins Jack and a couple of rich kids on a trip of the Amanda. They end up stranded on an island. Nolan is the least annoying of the bunch, to Jack's suprise. Could be the Rum though. Note: all sailing-related stuff is purely made up. Sorry!

To Have and Have Not, PG-13 )

2. For [livejournal.com profile] margueritem: Fringe, Astrid kicking ass. ♥  G.

Walter and Mulder sound a lot alike, don't they? )

3. For [personal profile] jakrar: What-If Fic, Smallville: After Clark destroys the spaceship at the end of season two, he flees the scene to steal the red-K ring in Chloe’s desk. Clark decides that if he’s leaving Smallville for better surroundings, he wants some entertaining company, and that (perhaps more importantly) he isn’t about to lose someone like Lex Luthor to some undeserving interloper like Helen Bryce. PG-13.
Newlywed Blues (and Reds) )
rivkat: olivia from fringe (olivia fringe)
( Nov. 21st, 2011 09:15 am)
Tay Zhonday, Mama Economy: another ha ha ha sob commentary, from the singer behind Chocolate Rain.

There’s very little I like more than a good chiasmus, especially a political one: “I am not protesting because I need something to do. I am protesting because something needs to be done.”

Fringe:Spoilers' heads hurt )
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( Sep. 23rd, 2011 11:31 pm)
Fringe: Spoilers )

SPN:Much vaguer thoughts )

TVD: Back to slightly more specific spoilers )

As for other TV: I have dumped The Lying Game as too far outside my core interests, and Ringer is on the bubble, as is The Secret Circle—get interesting fast or go home; I don’t have that much time to watch TV!

So, in case there is a big migration to G+, I have set up a placeholder G+ after deleting my RivkaT account there. The email is separate from my other services, and I’m now using three different browsers so that I can have my Blogger identity separate from my Gmail identity (which will work until Google decides that my online name isn’t good enough for it for Reader and Gmail either).  I’m not actively using it now. But if you want to find me there, I’m at Rivka Tee.
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( May. 24th, 2011 09:40 pm)
And on DW a new icon. I love my My Little Spock so much.

I was just rewatching vids, because I do that, and I realized how differently Dealan’s Blinding and Hollywoodgrrl’s Boom Boom Pow treat the same Fringe clips, making them mean very different things, at least to me. I love how vidding can do that!

The Net Delusion )
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 10:13 pm)
Spoilers for most recent Fringe )

It’s the OTW’s March Fundraising Drive!  The theme is “transform the OTW” and I wanted to highlight a couple of interesting posts, because I have nothing to say other than “the organization is doing good things and it would be great if you donated!”--check out lim's story of doing specific work for the OTW, including the logo:
I appreciate its commitment to diversity in these practical ways: I don't have to subscribe to every goal of OTW to participate in and benefit from some of its goals; I don't have to be on a committee and go to meetings to do valuable, interesting work that moves us forward. It's an organisation that can feel frustrating and bureaucratic, but that ultimately has welcomed me, in all most of my erratic weirdnesses.

Arguing, learning, teaching, and sometimes filibustering (htmlibustering?) on accessibility at AO3 has given me, through finding ways through procedural barriers, a theory of accessibility that I apply in all my design work. … [B]ecause of the active efforts of people like Zooey Glass (my chair), Francesca Coppa and Astolat, who set up quiet and single-focus areas for me to work in, set aside time to develop and code one-to-one, and continually, forcefully valued my ideas, I have made things! I have built things! Some of them are quite good! This is the complete opposite of every interaction I have had with any other organisation or institution, so I know how extraordinary it is. It is walking the walk of accessibility. It is the quotidian work of inclusion.
And [personal profile] elz, the co-chair of the OTW Accessibility, Design and Technology Committee, which is the committee responsible for design, coding and testing for the Archive of Our Own, writes:
Thank you to our beta users for being so patient with us. Thank you to the OTW donors who fund the hosting costs. Thank you to everyone who's created an account and posted a work. Thank you to everyone who leaves comments and kudos and makes authors' days a little brighter. Thank you to everyone who's started a collection or run a challenge. Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who sends in support requests alerting us to problems and suggesting new features.

In short, thank you to everyone who keeps making work for us, and thank you to fandom for continuing to inspire us to keep making things better. We've got a really amazing team of volunteers this year, and there will be some great features and improvements rolling over the next few months - some within the next week! We'd love to hear from you about what else you'd like to see, and our doors are always open to new volunteers, whether you're an artist, a designer, a coder, a good organizer or communicator, or just someone with a lot of enthusiasm. AO3 is a community project, build, funded, maintained and used by fandom, and we all make it happen together.
I’ll just add: thank you to the volunteers who design, code, fix, support, and otherwise make the AO3 work. I can’t code, but I benefit from all their hard work every day. And I love hearing stories like the one about the fan who traveled to Iowa to read the Kirk/Spock zines and find the history of her fandom. I was proud to work on the successful proposal for a noncommercial remix exemption to the DMCA’s anticircumvention provisions, and I plan to be back in 2012 asking for it again, with the support of the OTW. You can donate, and maybe pick up a mug, here.
1. [personal profile] alexseanchai : what if Sam and Dean were Jewish? Note: I have made very few revisions in SPN’s supernatural canon.

They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat. )

2. [personal profile] turnonmyheels: Chuck: Morgan moves into Casey's apartment because he's tired of being a third wheel with Chuck and Sarah. Casey's daughter moves into Casey's apartment for whatever reason. Casey can't stand being around his *daughter* macking on Grimes so he moves in with Chuck and Sarah. Instead of being a third-wheel with Chuck and Sarah, they wind up in a polyamorous relationship. PG-13, maybe; Sarah/Chuck and pre-Sarah/Chuck/Casey.

Chuck versus the Roommate

Three's company )

3. [personal profile] ariadnes_string: SPN/Fringe: "Once, Olivia Dunham met an angel."

No angels were harmed in the making of this story. )

4. [personal profile] theatervine: Supernatural: What if. Instead of Lisa and Ben it was Cassie that Dean went to and they became the Nick and Nora Charles of Supernatural? She's a reporter, he's a PI, together they crack cases and take down bad guys, human & supernatural? How would that change things when Samuel, Sam and the others showed up? Dean/Cassie.

They fight crime! )

5. [personal profile] eclectic: - Ruat Caelum: Lex just... gives up. Clark secured Lex's body, but his soul turns out to be much more elusive. As it turns out, all you had to do to defeat Lex Luthor is to take away his dreams. Note: as you would expect, a bit depressing!

pereat mundus )
Okay, after a month where I basically gafiated, I am back, and the last Eight Crazy Nights ficlets are in beta, and will be spread over several nights because they got long. But I have earned the right to post again about other stuff!

Fandom related:

1. My Yuletide story, which is probably the most obvious ever, was Fringe: 13 Ways of Looking at a Betrayal. Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for quick beta!

2. Rec: Cold Light, a spot-on Haven casefile with a side of threesome; I could hear the dialogue.

3.  I seriously love the AO3 kudos feature.  I accept as true that, at the margin, it converts some comments into kudos, but I personally am much more willing to hit that button than try to think of something more than "I really liked your story!"  I try to comment if I have more to say than that, but kudos makes it easier to take affirmative action.

More general:

1. A very funny review of Brian Sanderson’s novel Elantris.

2. Foucault quote of the day: “I am not looking for an alternative … what I want to do is not the history of solutions, and that’s the reason why I don’t accept the word alternative. I would like to do the genealogy of problems, of problématiques. My point is not that everything is bad, but that everything is dangerous.” Quoted in Martin Jay, In the Empire of the Gaze: Foucault and the Denigration of Vision in 20th Century French Thought, in Postmodernism (ed. Lisa Appignanesi 1989).

3. The Bad Daddy Factor: This is overall a very good article in a good magazine, Miller-McCune.  What fascinates me most, though, is that in the course of discussing fathers’ influence on children’s health and well-being, often even from behavior engaged in years before conception, the article says this:

To be fair, it’s harder to figure out what to do to protect men. With women, it’s obvious — keep them away from these chemicals during pregnancy. But what do you do with men who are constantly making sperm and could contribute to a pregnancy at any point?
Yes, “to be fair,” what could you possibly do to protect men in this situation? It’s not as if it’s ever an option to ban fertile men from an activity in which they wish to engage; that is literally beyond discussion. I just love how it’s “obvious” how to protect the potential children of women, but completely mysterious how to protect the potential children of men.

4. Review: Borders eReader app for iPhone/PC: terrible, stay away. Functionality is worse than Kindle app across the board, including the preposterous fact that it does not sync across devices, meaning that I (1) would have to find my place again if I open a book on my PC after reading on my phone and (2) can’t make notes on my iPhone and then transcribe them on my computer without propping the phone up against the computer. Urgh.




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