This is the first time this has ever happened to me! I am blessed with two, count ‘em, two Yuletide fics, iZombie and Lucifer! Zombie Tale of Seattle  (the upcoming zombie apocalypse) and Out of Body (Lucifer and Chloe swap bodies, excellent trope). Also, my kids and I wrote our first joint story, the end credits scene that was inexplicably missing from Moana, Guess I Chose the Right Tattoo
1. Lucifer is very satisfying to me right now. Maze and Chloe as roommates is exactly the fanservice I desired.

2. I love gothy covers of Sarah McLachlan’s Possession, but it occurs to me that they are a bit mansplainy. She did, after all, know that she was writing about a stalker.

3. Words cannot really describe how much I want a Farscape vid to Murdering Stravinsky.  Dining on each other! Dressing up as fascists! Killing off the past to make the future last!  Dancing on the coals!

Elliott Kay, Seanan McGuire, Sarah J. Maas )
Dark Matter: OK, I'm three episodes in and I see that this show, too, put Firefly in a blender with more mainstream tropes.  I approve of this development, though I can't say I have any love for nu!Jayne.

psychology of the built environment )

discussion in the college classroom )

St. Louis history )
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Killjoys )
The Strain )

So, what else should I be watching in the sff line?
OK, so I started watching Killjoys, which is the story of two hot brothers and the woman who bosses them around, in a universe that is almost exactly Firefly’s universe except without the excellent dialogue and where River is in charge both of herself and her crew. It has potential, guys! The lead’s backstory of being a trained killer is interesting; one of the brothers has serious PTSD to go with his abs, and the other is Aaron Ashmore and cracks wise, even though that only tends to highlight that they haven’t exactly invested in Whedonesque dialogue writers.

Long review: Louisa Ellen Stein, Millennial Fandom )
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I got a very fun Sam/Dean sex pollen story from [ profile] ephemeralk, Botany of Desire, for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas! Dean deliberately goes after sex pollen. This is either his best idea ever or his worst. Sam’s voting for the latter, until things start to go his way.

And another plug for my Yuletide gift, Simple Gifts, The Pretender, Jarod/Miss Parker, General Audiences
Summary: Jarod investigates troubling shortages at a half-way house/shelter that serves displaced and homeless veterans. Along the way he discovers that family is about more than just blood relation.

This case fic gives a really detailed treatment of the family Jarod finds, and into which he’s welcomed. The warmth and love is palpable; the case has a great Pretender feel, including some false steps towards finding the real bad guy and a ‘taste of his own medicine’ punishment for the bad guy; the end has just enough Jarod/Miss Parker to satisfy without getting explicit, and it makes sense for the characters that their moves toward each other would be tentative.
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First of all, I got The Pretender fic for Yuletide!  Jarod/Miss Parker is a classic example of my ur-pairings (brilliant, prickly woman with a mission that overrides her personal life, man who opposes her yet can't stay away) and I am so excited!  

Second, I wrote something for spn_j2_xmas.  I can't get it up at the community yet but here it is:

Title: There But for the Grace

Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~26,000
Warnings: extremely dubious consent and one instance of mild consensual bondage.
Summary: The seals broke; Lucifer rose.  But somewhere else, another Sam cut a deal with Lilith, and now Dean’s gone to a life where Castiel never gripped him tight and raised him from perdition.  As Sam struggles to fight off a newly risen Lucifer with only Castiel to aid him, Dean contends with a brother gone almost all the way down the road to Hell.  He might not just lose one world and one brother to apocalypse, but two.  (AU from the end of Season 4.)


[personal profile] runedgirl.  I tried to go with power dynamics with toppy possessive Sam, and just a little soulmates and soulbonding.  Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for quick beta!


Here on the AO3.

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Brought to you by procrastination: I have at least one song of X length in my library for the range 2:33-5:43. If allowed to skip one second, I can go from 2:06 to 6:38; two, from 1:40 to 6:56; the shortest song in my library is 0:31 and the longest is 10:55; the greatest gap between lengths is 39 seconds (the gap between Meat Loaf, Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are and Sisters of Mercy, This Corrosion).  What are your shortest and longest songs--actual songs, not other things you might have in your music library?

I did not like the new show Intelligence )
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Someone just said the most reassuring thing to me after a sticky bit at work: “don't be discouraged, i'm sure lots of other people don't ask for your help with social interaction.”  True enough!

TV: Pretty Little Liars yay! New character is new. )

Anyone else watching Under the Dome (aka the show Colin Ford, young Sam Winchester, is in)? Vague statements comparing the show to the book )

I’ve devoured Night Vale over the past few days (or it has devoured me). I’d describe it as Lovecraftian pastiche with a Cabin in the Woods absurdism, but not quite as much blood. Come for the hooded figures, the floating cat, and the desperate (and perhaps not entirely unrequited?) love the narrator has for the dreamy scientist who's come to investigate the town.  But not for the dog park.  Don't even think about the dog park. The podcast doesn’t have official transcripts, but there are unofficial ones for the first 8 episodes.

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I am very much enjoying The Fall (I’ve seen only to episode 4). I thought I was done with serial killers, but as it turns out Gillian Anderson, even blonde, can bring me back in, Dana Scully 4ever )

Maddy Myers has a good piece about supporting Anita Sarkeesian and her series, Tropes v. Women, without being in full agreement with her on particular choices.  It reminded me of other conversations about loving problematic things; we forgive ourselves that very easily.
Ok, because of Tumblr I watched the last few episodes of last season, plus the premiere; I had previously seen the pilot.  Can someone with more knowledge tell me question related to Alison Argent )
Warning: these Person of Interest thoughts are unlikely to be new, though they’re new to me!

I have opinions. )
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Political Animals: Please come back, show! It is like The West Wing if Aaron Sorkin/the writers had known how to write for more women than C.J. (unfortunately it is like that down to implausible thriller twist at season’s end, but you can’t have everything, and you can have Sigourney Weaver, so).

In Ascension, By Descent (14742 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Political Animals
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Underage
Relationships: Thomas "T. J." Hammond/Original Male Character(s), Douglas Hammond/Original Female Character(s), Thomas "T.J." Hammond/Original Female Character(s), Douglas Hammond/Anne Ogami
Characters: Douglas Hammond, Thomas "T. J." Hammond, Bud Hammond, Elaine Barrish, Margaret Barrish, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Mallory

The pattern of Doug and T.J.'s lives were set even before they set foot in the White House. Somewhere along the way, things changed.

This Yuletide story does a great job of bringing backstory to the brothers’ complicated relationship. “T.J. gets it. He can be the queer son, but not the screw-up. He doesn't get to be both.”  The "underage" is not explicit; the most explicit bit is canonical.

The Mirrorverse Doppelganger Visitation (9522 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: The Middleman (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tyler Ford/Wendy Watson, The Middleman/Lacey Thornfield
Characters: Wendy Watson, Lacey Thornfield, The Middleman, Tyler Ford

"What a crazy, random happenstance."

Someone from the mirror universe drops in for a visit. “Friendship is Magic, Dubbie!” This fandom is the gift that keeps on giving; this story feels very much like a filmed episode.

Cartes Postales (21631 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Blossom Culp Series - Richard Peck
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Blossom Culp/Alexander Armsworth
Characters: Blossom Culp, Alexander Armsworth

Alexander discovers that not all postcards are meant to be mailed, and Blossom acknowledges that some curses may be averted but others only embraced.

Blossom Culp! I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed her until I read this novella with its happily ever after.
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[personal profile] podcath put my DA story Getting By in her anthology: The Manticore Anthology, yay!

[personal profile] cesperanza: So Hey, We Stopped Saying That! Or how fandom learned to stop worrying and love the label “transformative.” (My version of “hey, stop saying that” is here.)

Thanks to [personal profile] geekturnedvamp, [personal profile] talitha78 and [personal profile] mustangsally78 for the holiday cards. It’s not that surprising to me that the latter two both feature cats, and that the first doesn’t!

Via Jason Mittell, a really smart essay on violence in pop culture:
One argument I’m suddenly hearing a lot of is: Of course violent TV has a violent influence. Isn’t the whole TV advertising model based on the idea that content can influence action? Does that influence stop once the commercials are over?
For starters: yes, actually, it kind of does. In the sense, at least, that advertising is a different kind of rhetoric from fiction. It’s generally a direct argument: buy this product, for this reason, you will get this benefit, you will look and feel a certain way.
Fiction–even really bad fiction–doesn’t work that way. It tells a story, and people make meaning from it. It can have profound effects on people, but not necessarily the same ones on everyone, and its message isn’t linear. Breaking Bad, for instance, is a violent story of bad people, but you would have to have much more contempt for its viewers than I do to assume that its “message” is: life is cheap, power is awesome, so go cook some meth, dominate your wife and hurt whomever you have to, even kids, to get your way.
Which led me to this essay on why all the "good" TV is so violent:
But what is concerning is that this revolution has been deep but narrow; it's like we have an army of dazzlingly fluent poets who all write in one language. That doesn't, of course, make all the poetry the same, any more than all English-language poetry is the same. These shows are varied in many ways: The Wire is not the same show as The Walking Dead just because people get shot and otherwise brutalized, and American Horror Story and Boardwalk Empire are hardly identical twins. But they share elements, one of which is that the stakes involve — not solely but largely — avoiding being violently killed. And for that reason, they ask the viewer to want to watch people being violently killed now and then, and sometimes now and then and then and then, because otherwise the threats are false.
(It's worth mentioning that the violence is not the only thing many of these shows have in common. They're also very heavy, though less uniformly so, on the question of what it means to be a morally conflicted 40-ish white guy in modern America, or '60s America, or Prohibition-era America, or Westeros. This is also the theme of the highly decorated Louie, which is sort of a comedy, but only sort of. As much as it's failed to reach many kinds of stories, the revolution has also failed to reach many kinds of people with any regularity.)

Okay, guys, I love Community too, but having Clark/Lex out in the first round of AfterElton’s slash tournament seems to me to be letting our history down.  Also, Damon/Alaric clearly ended up the sacrificial lamb there; I would rather they’d have put Damon/Alaric up against Damon/Stefan the way they did for SPN (Sam/Dean v. Dean/Cas), Avengers (Thor/Loki v. Cap/Tony), or even for Star Trek (TOS v. reboot), SG (SGA v. SG1), or House v. Sherlock.

Awesome older review of Steven Pinker's attempts to reduce art to evolution.

Nothing new under the sun: Evgeny Morozov on decrying new technology:
Long before bossy GPS technology invaded our cars, chiding us for wrong turns with a patronizing "Recalculating . . . ," cultural critics were already complaining about the debilitating effect of navigation technologies—even the paper-based and analogue variety. Some, like the Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse, saw road maps as the embodiment of the anti-humane and unthinking rationality of the modern condition. "A man who travels by automobile to a distant place chooses his route from the highway maps. . . . Others have done the thinking for him," he complained in 1941. Others thought that maps, signs and highway codes impoverish our sense of space, with the French theorist Henri Lefebvre lamenting that the driver "perceives only his route, which has been materialized, mechanized and technicized, and he sees it from one angle only—that of its functionality."
profane feminism, statistical ignorance, and LBJ becoming president )profane feminism, statistical ignorance, and LBJ becoming president )
Aaron Sorkin mansplains to a reporter. Once again: dude had no idea what he had created in CJ, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. I think I will just stick with the first few seasons of TWW, thanks.

Pretty sure this is British cesperanza: “To all those women who recoil from the word feminist, she asks, ‘What part of “liberation for women” is not for you? Is it freedom to vote? The right not to be owned by the man you marry? “Vogue” by Madonna? Jeans? Did all that good shit GET ON YOUR NERVES? Or were you just DRUNK AT THE TIME OF THE SURVEY?’”

If you read that Avengers story with the Roombas you might enjoy this picture.

Blurb blocker for the AO3
: it will block stories with particular terms when you search/browse on the site. Detailed instructions for use.  We really need one of these for subscriptions. Anyone know how to do this for RSS feeds?



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