Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” using only the 1000 most common words: surprisingly the same. Via upgoer5, which prompts you to explain things the same way xkcd did.

Alaya Johnson, Wicked City: Zephyr Hollis, vampire rights activist and general do-gooder, has some trouble with the mayor in this alternate Roaring Twenties NYC; Prohibition is in full swing and the city council is about to vote on the legality of a similar intoxicant that vampires use, when tainted bottles start killing vampires in a very unusual way. Also, Zephyr is bound to a djinn, and if she doesn’t start wishing soon Very Bad Things will happen, unless she can convince a different demon to break the bond. I liked all the worldbuilding—which includes a chilling explanation of Zephyr’s unusual immunity to vampirism—and Zephyr’s prickly friendships with a psychic and a reporter, both women struggling to do important things in a world that didn’t want them to be important. I’m hoping for a sequel soon! (There’s a short backstory bit up at Tor for completists.)

Stacia Kane, Personal Demons: Therapist Meg has a new radio show as “the demon slayer.” Unfortunately, Meg is psychic, and real demons are convinced she’s targeting them—so they plan to get her first. A hot (literally!) stranger shows up to protect her, along with a meddling reporter, and other threats. To survive, Meg’s going to have to figure out how to control her powers—and her anger. There was plenty of worldbuilding and explicit sex, and Meg’s anger at bad things happening to her was never treated as wrong, just in need of tactical refinement. Still, for whatever reason, this series starter didn’t grab me with the urgency of Kane’s Churchwitch books.

Now just to get enough writing done.

Links: Marco Rubio says the age of the earth is “one of the great mysteries.” No. No, it’s not!

Men’s emotions as the standard for rationality.

Hilarious! For certain values of hilarious, anyway. How to make pseudoephedrine from meth.  The factchecking comments at BoingBoing also warm my heart (what’s the chemical reaction there?).

Cory Doctorow wrote a book about video remixers. Apparently they’re all dudes, though? And I have to admit I’m sympathetic to this review, which argues that he severely overstacks the deck against Big Content and that there is a difference between remix (especially remix that starts with paid-for DVDs/downloads, yay DMCA exemptions!) and wholesale downloading for consumption’s sake.
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Note from the past week: Guys, I appreciate that you come to DC to march and are unfamiliar with the Metro. But even if you were home at the mall, it would still be rude to stand at the top of the escalator. Thank you!

Dessa, A Badly Broken Code: Much love for this album. “And it’s just not true that I’m a man-eater; all the same, we should probably go dutch.” Cheaper on Amazon than on iTunes for the whole album.
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Oh, The Event. It’s so cute how you use the right names for DC locations and yet show us a Metro and a city that are obviously not the stated locations.

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Stuck on my remix; I'm at the "why do I sign up for these?" stage. Oh well.

Can’t say it better than the Columbia Journalism Review:
D’Souza perpetuates the Cokie Roberts idiocy—that Hawaii is somehow less American than the rest of the U.S. But hey—no problems with Alaska, which came into the Union the same year. Somehow, Sarah Palin always seem to be an examplar of “Real America.” Hmmm.
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1. Hilariously, I just realized: I’m flying to Atlanta next Monday, then home Tuesday, then to Utah Wednesday—via the exact same flight to Atlanta as I take Monday.

2. The Torrent of Our Own graphics challenge proceeds: go here to see a vid that’s all about what vidding means to the vidder (then stay and make icons!)

3. You have been the victims of a terrible swindle: Great reading; not so great living.

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From MIT, a conversation about popular culture and Stephen Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good For You, which I reviewed here. There's also an audio version available on the site. I found the discussion of the complexity of today's TV storylines versus older TV particularly notable since I was just listening to the commentary on the pilot of American Gothic, in which the producers discuss the network's initial opposition to having Sheriff Buck whistle the theme from The Andy Griffith Show as he jauntily went to kill someone. In 1995, they say on the commentary track, before Buffy, network execs resisted references to other shows, but they think they were allowed to do it because Pulp Fiction had just shown the popularity of cross-reference.

Anyway, the MIT series is pretty cool; you can find other conference reports and papers on the same site.
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My version of nesting: trying to clear the backlog.

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