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Laurie D. Ferreiro, Brothers at Arms: The role of the French and Spanish in American independence. So trans-Atlantic it hurts—but it’s a new angle for me on the Revolution, which is really about how it fit into Continental power politics and often about how frustrating the French (and to a more limited extent the Spanish) found the fractious colonists, who could help them only if they committed to independence.

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Paul K. Conkin, A Revolution Down on the Farm: Over about a century, the US went from a rural economy in which one farm could support a few families to an urban one in which one farm supports hundreds. This was the result of huge changes in production methods and productivity. Conkin tells the story of farm policy, focusing on federal policy supporting farmers in various ways, throughout that time.
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Once Upon a Time:
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Of possible interest:
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Just found out a friend of mine was once a bone marrow match for a woman with leukemia, but wasn’t allowed to donate because he was gay—and still wouldn’t be in the US. Here’s a petition about the blood donation rules.

Interesting article on the psychological poverty trap: Bad decisions are contextual.

Very smart post on When Libertarians Go To Work, and relatedly if you’re interested in why contracts often don’t matter at all, until they suddenly do, and why that’s an important justification for the liberal state.

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