If anyone tells you that the New York Times represents the US liberal media, keep in mind that the last two editorial "Room for Debate" features are (1) "Should you be required to pay tax on purchases from Amazon?" (hint: this should not be up for debate in a functional society; while there is a legal basis for the question "should Amazon be required to collect the sales tax imposed on all buyers from a state?" the misleading framing of this question shows something about the state of the paper) and (2) should employers be allowed to discriminate against the unemployed? (which features a George Mason law prof who doesn't bother to make specific arguments at all, just says "regulation makes jobs leave the state and/or country," a Big Lie in itself).  There are actually things to talk about in (2), but ... if this is liberalism, it looks a lot like the Republican party circa 1970, plus some Ayn Rand types.
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err if new your times is not representing your liberal media, what other newspaper could one turn, if looking for something that is suppose to be closer to what USians deemed as "liberal"?


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