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( Mar. 28th, 2013 06:40 pm)
I am so far behind fannishly I now have no hope until the end of the semester. Also, I got a student telling me he expected to hate my class but didn't, which is sort of the equivalent of the feedback that says "I usually hate your kink, but I liked this story!" Thanks, I guess?

PSA: Benedict Cumberbatch and James MacAvoy perform Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, the whole thing streaming on the BBC for a short time.

What is it like to be a vampire and/or parent? For what it’s worth, I’m with the writer of this post: I do not feel that I’ve changed into the undead, no matter how tired I am. Reference.

Too good not to quote: a condensed version of oral argument in the Prop. 8 case:
BREYER: I’m going to ask you an extremely long question riddled with nonspecific nouns, and you’re going to have to guess what I mean by it.
COOPER: I’m pretty sure the answer is no? But let’s stop talking about whether I should be allowed to talk, and get on to what I’m going to be talking about. Which is: nostalgia. Nostalgia for the good old days of traditional, bedrock values. Man, back in 1971, this Court said there was no federal question as to same-sex marriage. Those were the fucking days.
I’ve rarely seen Breyer better described.

Kate Hines, I love you, but WT actual F?

quiet is outlawed and the corporations control education: YA dystopia )
rivkat: Dean reading (dean reading)
( Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:19 pm)
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