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For [livejournal.com profile] leaves_girl: On Dark Angel, did 494 go on any missions after the disaster that was the Berrisford Agenda?

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[personal profile] podcath put my DA story Getting By in her anthology: The Manticore Anthology, yay!

[personal profile] cesperanza: So Hey, We Stopped Saying That! Or how fandom learned to stop worrying and love the label “transformative.” (My version of “hey, stop saying that” is here.)

Thanks to [personal profile] geekturnedvamp, [personal profile] talitha78 and [personal profile] mustangsally78 for the holiday cards. It’s not that surprising to me that the latter two both feature cats, and that the first doesn’t!

Via Jason Mittell, a really smart essay on violence in pop culture:
One argument I’m suddenly hearing a lot of is: Of course violent TV has a violent influence. Isn’t the whole TV advertising model based on the idea that content can influence action? Does that influence stop once the commercials are over?
For starters: yes, actually, it kind of does. In the sense, at least, that advertising is a different kind of rhetoric from fiction. It’s generally a direct argument: buy this product, for this reason, you will get this benefit, you will look and feel a certain way.
Fiction–even really bad fiction–doesn’t work that way. It tells a story, and people make meaning from it. It can have profound effects on people, but not necessarily the same ones on everyone, and its message isn’t linear. Breaking Bad, for instance, is a violent story of bad people, but you would have to have much more contempt for its viewers than I do to assume that its “message” is: life is cheap, power is awesome, so go cook some meth, dominate your wife and hurt whomever you have to, even kids, to get your way.
Which led me to this essay on why all the "good" TV is so violent:
But what is concerning is that this revolution has been deep but narrow; it's like we have an army of dazzlingly fluent poets who all write in one language. That doesn't, of course, make all the poetry the same, any more than all English-language poetry is the same. These shows are varied in many ways: The Wire is not the same show as The Walking Dead just because people get shot and otherwise brutalized, and American Horror Story and Boardwalk Empire are hardly identical twins. But they share elements, one of which is that the stakes involve — not solely but largely — avoiding being violently killed. And for that reason, they ask the viewer to want to watch people being violently killed now and then, and sometimes now and then and then and then, because otherwise the threats are false.
(It's worth mentioning that the violence is not the only thing many of these shows have in common. They're also very heavy, though less uniformly so, on the question of what it means to be a morally conflicted 40-ish white guy in modern America, or '60s America, or Prohibition-era America, or Westeros. This is also the theme of the highly decorated Louie, which is sort of a comedy, but only sort of. As much as it's failed to reach many kinds of stories, the revolution has also failed to reach many kinds of people with any regularity.)

for [personal profile] jadelennox, Vampire Diaries, “made out of clay.”

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... and for [personal profile] wendelah1: Fringe/X-Files cross-over fic! Maybe Scully is asked to consult on a case. Mulder can come, too.

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... and for anonymous: Captured by the Game verse!! Please for all that is holy with a cherry on top could you add another part??? Note: Okay, I’ve kicked around various alternate paths for them; this is a continuation of this earlier bit.

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... and for [personal profile] lilyoftheval5: Dark Angel - Max/Alec - In a near future Transgenics had the chance and the time to start developing their own society, social structures that feel natural to them. There are Heats. There are hierarchies. There are children.

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For [personal profile] avidrosette: SPN x DA, Sam/Alec/Dean (all adults), what if always-all-right Alec finally found a place where he was permitted to be vulnerable?

Say what you want, they sure know how to make ‘em pretty

NC-17, all combinations. AU for SPN: the Pulse interrupted the whole breaking-the-seals thing around S4. Beta by [personal profile] giandujakiss.

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6. [personal profile] eclectic: SPN - In What is and Should Never Be, John died, and Mary turned them into hunters.

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7. [livejournal.com profile] ciian, Dark Angel, Max/Alec/Logan. Note: Aaaaaand a third classic, the conduitfic!  NC-17.

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8. [livejournal.com profile] catdancerz: SV: Jason Teague didn't die in the Kent's house... Lex just let everyone think he did.

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9. [personal profile] jakrar: Clark doesn’t panic and abandon Lex in “Shattered” (or maybe he does, but then he gathers his courage and rescues Lex from Belle Reve without waiting until it’s too late). Also, Clark realizes that he knows someone who might be able to help in this situation: Virgil Swann. … Is Virgil Swann trustworthy under these circumstances? And, if Swann isn’t, how do Clark and Lex cope?

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[personal profile] realpestilence: Dark Angel. I'd love Ames/Alec, or Logan/Alec. Something where there's real feelings involved, alliances or casual friendships turned deeper, you know? Note: you get another classic trope, Alec and sex work, post-finale! Alec/OMC, Logan/Alec, NC-17. Thanks to [personal profile] giandujakiss for quick beta.

Getting By

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1. [personal profile] brownbetty: Max from DA finds a position as one of Lex Luthor's Girl Fridays. It's all fun and games until Alec shows up and tries to convince her Luthor's bent and she needs to book it.

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2. [personal profile] ladydey: SV: Lex/Clark - Clark didn't realize (okay he might have been repressing it) how much he missed Lex, the real Lex. When Lex finally returned to Metropolis, Clark didn't know if he could ever stay away again.

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3. [livejournal.com profile] maraceles: I would die for more of the Captured by the Game universe--well, actually, a continuation of that story but an AU of the sequel. (Sam gets killed somehow during the final battle with Azazel, and Dean still makes his deal to get him back, still goes to Hell and is resurrected by Castiel, still starts up the Apocalypse.) Basically, I'd LOVE to see that Sam deal with the season four situation: Having lost Dean. Dealing with angels. Would Game!Sam and Game!Dean fare better then their canon versions? *g* Note: part but not all of the prompt. Maybe I’ll get to the angels later?

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4. [personal profile] thefourthvine: SV, the axiom of choice! (And if you'd like a pairing with your prompt, Clark/Lex.)

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5. [personal profile] kiezh: Smallville future: Lex and Clark mutual voyeurism, undiscussed but known to both. (One's got x-ray vision, the other has spy devices! It's a stalker match made in heaven!) Note: NC-17; various pairings.

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6. [personal profile] meret: I have a theory that Spike would fall head over heels in love with River Tam if they were to meet. She's part Drusilla, part Buffy, and part Fred.

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7. [personal profile] fandomfan: Supernatural: if you happened to snag any ideas from this set of photos, I'd be a happy camper. Yes, they're on set photos (from S3), but I would love and adore you for any scenario that could get Dean (rather than Jensen) in a bathrobe and slippers on a mini-scooter.

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[personal profile] giandujakiss: Dark Angel Max/Alec ... oh any first time will do! Notes: Ok, so I have read maybe 2 stories in the fandom and I still know this has been done before. But [personal profile] giandujakiss was kind enough to beta anyway!  NC-17.

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And now I get to inaugurate a Dark Angel tag! Sorry I’m so slow on these, but there will be a couple of longer stories at the end. And next year, Hanukah might be late enough that I can actually manage to be on time!

1. [personal profile] alexseanchai: Sam and Dean's role in stopping the apocalypse has made the news and the boys are guests on the Colbert Report. Discussion of Sam/Dean.

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2. [personal profile] backinblack: Fringe! This is a stretch but something about Olivia and Charlie? If you feel like bending the rules of the OTP of Peter/Olivia, maaaaaybe Olivia/alt!Charlie of some sort? Note: ended up Bolivia and alt!Charlie.

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3. [personal profile] seperis: peter/olivia, pretend to be married or forced marriage or something in that family?

Walter always knows what to do. )

4. [personal profile] kiezh: Castiel/Dean, unexpectedly slipping into a D/s dynamic. Note: this is my own version of “unexpected.” NC-17.

Why We Fight

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5. [personal profile] livrelibre: Dark Angel: building, post-Freak Nation.  Gen.

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