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( Dec. 28th, 2013 12:03 am)
New icon on DW from a piece of art that is way too expensive for me, but that I love anyway (because of the X-Files, of course).  It's made from a crumpled dollar bill.

I got a delightful Sleepy Hollow story for Yuletide! Three Gifts is the kind of Ichabod/Abbie pining that really does it for me.  This is a relationship with real barriers and I respect that greatly. 

Yuletide Madness also brought me the equally delightful Covert Affairs story Away, which is Auggie/Eyal as part of an established threesome with Annie. It went directly to my own personal cravings for them. 

Others: Excellent multimedia in this Galaxy Quest story, which is as affectionate towards fandom as its source. And GQ fandom also got the amazingly tender/pleasurably painful Alexander Dane story I didn’t know I needed, The Space Between,  in which there is also a reboot.

Charlie Stross’s Laundry universe: Violins at Work, from the perspective of Mo O’Brien, Bob Howard’s extremely dangerous wife. Very Strosslike: “Is there a word for an appetite and some kind of understanding without a mind to do the planning? Kind of like a cat deciding that this human will just about do as a servant, because it smells of food, but without the sensitivity and consideration for which all felines are well known.”

Non-Yuletide: my J2 story Full Service Firm now has a Russian translation, which I think is a first for me. As always, I remain impressed by the archive’s growth: the translation’s work number is an order of magnitude greater than Full Service Firm’s.

Also, randomly, anyone who really wanted to rock my world could make a Vampire Diaries Damon vid to Diamond Ring’s Wait and See. He’s chancing on situations and he’s out of his league! He just needs some provocation and he’s down on his knees! (I am so serious here: this would be my Lord King Bad Vid of great commitment if I did such things.)

Personal note: the new scar on my arm reminds me way too much of the Eye of Sauron. Or any eye really. Scars should not look like eyes, is what I’m saying here.

And finally: This is the best pickup conversation ever, and the fact that it comes from a Dean Winchester sex dream is only icing on the cake. 
Already so far behind! In my defense, I am having a bit of a BSOD issue, or really hard drive failing to be recognized issue. Thank God for backup computers.

For [personal profile] on_verra: a follow up to Crossing the Bridge: Afterwards, Sam and Dean feel compelled to talk about it.

the ripe promise of drier land )
for [personal profile] hannah: Supernatural, Rufus kicking ass with Sam and Dean in secondary roles or not even showing up at all.

Elder Gods my ass )

for [livejournal.com profile] daria234: Covert Affairs, Eyal/Auggie, they turn sex into a competition

egging him on )
Remixer/friend of vidding Elisa Kriesinger has partnered with Public Knowledge to do a project on fair use and takedowns. Take her survey!

Covert Affairs: spoilers have done something with their hair )

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( Jan. 3rd, 2013 09:18 am)
My Yuletide story was Covert Affection, a Covert Affairs story featuring Annie/Auggie, Danielle, and schmoop.  I believe this might be the first year I wrote and received in the same fandom.

I guess you wouldn’t: “One actor explains, ‘If you’re in L.A., you take a job when you get it. You don’t do porn, but you take a job when you get it. You never think, Is this going to cause unrest in the Middle East?’” Via [personal profile] cofax7, though relevant to me academically.

1861; ice; American generals )
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( Dec. 25th, 2012 04:00 pm)
I got a lovely gift:
Left All My Doubts on the Airplane
(4668 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Auggie Anderson/Annie Walker
Characters: Annie Walker (Covert Affairs), Auggie Anderson, Joan Campbell, Eyal Lavine
Summary: "You do whatever you have to," Auggie said. "Whatever makes the mission a success."
I could really hear Auggie’s dialogue, plus there is an extended contemplation of the hotness of Auggie and in particular his back. It was just what I wanted!
for [personal profile] leyna: Covert Affairs: Annie's life is usually lived at high speed. What do bored agents get up to when trapped in a cargo container or a missile silo, or a canadian shack for days? (The odd-couples try not to kill each other version, the team-mate-bonding version, or the smut version - whatever you like.) Note: most of the above? Eyal/(Annie)/Auggie, Annie/Auggie. NC-17.

Safe House )
I neglected to nominate Real Genius for Yuletide, and no one else did either! :( But adding Eyal to Covert Affairs was worth it, I hope.

Dear Yuletide author: Thank you! Aside from what I said in my specific requests and as indicated by my fairly vague prompts, I focus most on character. I love plot, but I also love angst and hijinks. Other things I like: flawed heroes; cliche-fic like bodyswap that shows why the cliche is useful for revealing character; the Gift of the Magi; getting the thing that you want the most except that it’s broken; characters who recognize that they have powerful emotions but think what they want is irrelevant because they despair of changing the conditions giving rise to their unfulfilled desires; banter; telling the truth in a way that the hearer doesn’t believe it; characters who think they’re lying but aren’t; shaggy dog stories; love and blood and rhetoric; and so on.

I do not mind unhappy endings. I love melodrama and characters who defy melodrama. Although I primarily read slash these days, as you can see from my requests I am also happy with het, and pretty much my only relationship request, if you choose to include one, is not to use female characters as bad guys in order to bring a m/m pairing together.
I am looking for people who have experience as nonfiction e-book formatters and cover designers. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Covert Affairs: Spoilers include premise of preview )

Slate on an extortion ring preying on gay men in the 1960s. Read until the end. American life is nothing but second acts.

Making money on YouTube: "A history of the entertainment business could be framed as a series of experts asking, 'Who the hell wants to watch that?' When the answer is 'more people than you think,' the definition of profitable entertainment changes."

Meowbify: Add cats to any internet site. I tried it on AO3, which seemed perfectly appropriate.

Kim Newman's Holmes pastiche, Sharon Shinn's angels )
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( Nov. 27th, 2011 01:00 pm)
Two entirely unrelated stories from today's NYT: (1) women as bearers of madness in popular film. (2) a revision of a respected musical whose focus was a woman who turns out to be reincarnated, not mentally ill; now the show is about her male doctor (and also the reincarnated verison is a guy).

In other news: Met a guy who writes for Covert Affairs. Mild spoilers (identifies one character who will return) )

Not sure exactly what I think about James Deen, but I’d like to at least see his work. And apparently there’s quite a variety, even without the venue he dropped because its plots were a little rapey.
Google’s antisocial behavior.  Also a post about Google’s Real Name Theater, like Security Theater, and then there’s danah boyd’s excellent explanation that no, Facebook isn’t a real name service either.  As I understand it, if a Google+ name violation determination works “right,” you can still use Reader to read but not to share/etc., which is not as bad as losing access to Reader entirely, but it doesn’t seem like the process is glitch-free even on its own terms. I have a bunch of old pictures on Picasa connected to my Blogger blog, which means that even though I downloaded them for backup a suspension could still screw me up. I certainly did not realize that signing up for Google+ put my other services at risk, and I think I have to leave before I’m kicked out. In a few short weeks Google has managed to burn through my rather substantial goodwill for it.

Covert Affairs: Non-plot related spoilers for last night )

Pretty Little Liars: Have only seen first 15 minutes; please don't spoil me! )

Tanya Huff, Megan Whalen Turner )



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