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2016-11-01 01:53 pm

Lots of nonfiction

Sampling media, including vids )

How to run a condo association )

about ISIS )Cary Elwes, As You Wish: Adorable stories from the making of The Princess Bride. Fun for fans.

masculinity in American literature (and a little law) )

Antony Beevor, The Second World War: Huge history of the war in Asia and Europe. Doesn’t skimp on brutality—cannibalism shows up in multiple areas, though only as a deliberate military tactic on the part of the Japanese. Military miscalculation happens on both sides, but, as someone said, the Americans don’t solve problems, they overwhelm them.

Hillbilly Elegy )

Hitler )

J.R. McNeill, The Great Acceleration: Compilation of evidence about the anthropocene—how humans have changed the planet in terms of energy consumption, population growth, species extinction and displacement, urbanization, air quality/water quality/warming, etc. We’ve made a big bet that we can change all this and survive; our grandchildren may discover how that pays off.

Here, have a doomsday scenario )

Elaine Khosrova, Butter: A Rich History: Free early reviewer book. I was hoping this would be a cute little one-item history of the world, but it’s really just about how butter was and is made, with a few jaunts to other countries to see how goat, yak, etc. butter is and was made, along with a defense of fat (v. carbs) and lot of recipes at the end. If you want some butter-heavy recipes, including most of the key French sauces, then go for it.

Sister Citizen )

Fixing things is possible )
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2015-10-19 04:26 pm


Hello world! I'd like to be posting more, but I'm actually doing a lot of nonfiction writing (and trying to figure out my SPN-XMAS story) so it's not all lost.

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2015-07-08 10:01 pm

Remix, and nonfiction

My remix cup runneth over! I got Fundamental Frequency, by filenotch, a remix of Only Sweeter from Castiel's point of view. Then I got The Ties that Bind, by ColetteCapricious, a remix of Vagabondage from Sam's POV. My own remix was One More Coal (Coals of Fire Remix), a remix of One More Coal by StripySock, in which S9 Dean goes back in time and encounters a young Sam; in my version, it's the same in reverse.

US healthcare reform, corruption, US criminal justice, North Korea, European consumer law (ok fine I read a lot of different things) )