I am looking for people who have experience as nonfiction e-book formatters and cover designers. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Covert Affairs: Spoilers include premise of preview )

Slate on an extortion ring preying on gay men in the 1960s. Read until the end. American life is nothing but second acts.

Making money on YouTube: "A history of the entertainment business could be framed as a series of experts asking, 'Who the hell wants to watch that?' When the answer is 'more people than you think,' the definition of profitable entertainment changes."

Meowbify: Add cats to any internet site. I tried it on AO3, which seemed perfectly appropriate.

Kim Newman's Holmes pastiche, Sharon Shinn's angels )
rivkat: Rivka as Wonder Woman (pay attention clark)
( Aug. 3rd, 2004 11:54 am)
Someone gave me 12 months of LJ! Thanks, someone! Can I do something nice for you? SV porn, perhaps? (It's occurred to me that this may have happened a while ago, and the notification might be part of the apparent release of long-delayed comments also happening now, in which case I'm really sorry I didn't know before.)

I learned one very important thing from my most recent story: When in doubt, break furniture. Mostly my feedback is varied and singles out different parts of a story, but this time every single person who said anything specific liked the impromptu office redecoration.

Karen Joy Fowler, Stephen Dedman, Christopher Golden, Mildred Ames, Jeff Long, Jonathan Kellerman, Harlan Coben, Terry Pratchett, Sharon Shinn, Linda Nagata, Orson Scott Card, Diana Wynne Jones, Christopher Rice )



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