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( Sep. 2nd, 2012 05:46 pm)
Free/nearly free Andre Norton books via Kindle, and apparently elsewhere.

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I didn’t build that: “Over the years, I’ve encountered a few successful people who believe they did it all themselves and achieved success because they are just better than their fellow human beings. Some were bankers; some were writers; some were lawyers. Some male, some female. Some rich, some not. Some were born into privilege, some weren’t. I guess they’re a pretty diverse crowd. They only have one thing in common, really: They’re all assholes.”

White dudely thinking:
The company was hiring more women in managerial jobs, and while he had no problem with that in general, he said that some of these women hadn’t started out hauling cotton as he had and didn’t know the business from the ground up. But the company felt pressure to hire them, Charles told me, “to keep up with the times.”… Charles was always pretty handy, so he considered starting a construction company [after he quit], even though he had never run a business. Working with trucks and piles of wood was a “humbling experience,” especially after having been a head of national sales. He said that he knew he would be competing with men who were in the business a long time or with younger men who once worked for him.
Now, this dude is not to blame for America’s economic woes. But JFC that’s some entitled, hypocritical bullshit!  

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Many, many thanks for all the Evil Overlord suggestions thus far. Please feel free to leave more, if you think of them.

Cicada update: almost all dead. The sound is like an electric hum, like having your ear pressed to a generator the size of a house – though with more dying every minute, maybe the generator is now only TV-sized. There are so many, coating trees and grass and cars and doors, that it reminds me of that Star Trek: TOS episode, "The Omega Glory," the one with the Yangs and the Kohms – "They sacrificed hundreds just to draw us out into the open. And then, they came, and they came. We killed *thousands*, and still they came!," the bad captain Tracey says. I don't know how the species survives, given that the individual cicadas get themselves killed in every possible way, from flying into doors to landing on pools of water and drowning. They are profligate with their lives, that's for sure. Perhaps they only become stupid after they've mated and laid eggs. A friend of mine says their existence is proof that there is no God, but maybe they're just proof that God has an inordinate fondness for cicadas.

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( Mar. 6th, 2003 05:39 pm)
In this issue: Firefighting, Robert J. Sawyer, C.S. Friedman, Nancy Kress, Daredevil, and the Pet Shop Boys

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