Preliminary notes: (1) Survivorship bias, or why taking lessons only from the successful is a really bad idea, in an elegantly written narrative.

(2) Ugh, I hate grading.

(3) Note to self: Veronica Mars, for all its awesomeness and willingness to engage with class and gender politics, often enough cozied up to the creepy side thereof. S1 rewatch in anticipation of movie )

I did not notice at the time, but this is a depressing set of books.

a book on gun guys )

Confessions of a sociopath, bad evidence in criminal cases, America's secret wars, why your food is full of salt sugar and fat )
The most recent LJ stuff, brilliantly satirized here by [personal profile] marcelo (or is it satire?), has helped push me to move more towards Dreamwidth. Also, my LJ list has been broken for a while, in the sense that I haven’t been adding anyone back or going beyond a tight filter because I got overwhelmed and neurotic, and I’d like to start again.

What this means for this journal on LJ: initially, I’m consolidating comments on DW, which I hope will help the conversations. I love comments, especially on stories! I really hope everyone comments at DW, or on the AO3!

As for my reading list: I’ll be trying to read new people as well as old friends via starting fresh on DW, so if you like, please do find me on DW, where I’m still [personal profile] rivkat. If you crosspost to DW, I’ll be reading you there. (If I miss you, sorry, just let me know! I’m sure I’ve dropped more than a few balls in the transition.) If you don’t crosspost but don’t have locked entries (that I can see) I will probably follow you as a feed. For non-crossposting journals with locked entries, I will probably try tracking them. Suggestions welcome, of course.

Harris, Singh, Andrews and Brook on hellhounds; Lucifer; Rob Thurman; Laurell Hamilton  )



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