I go up and down on Once Upon a Time (Little Red Riding Hood episode: up up up!), but this vid by beccatoria is everything that is awesome about the show.

Matt Stoller on foreclosure abuses:
Of course, like a good Capitol Hill staffer receiving an incredibly important piece of evidence on a multi-trillion dollar scandal, I was like “this guy is crazy” and quickly got back to working on regulatory reform and surfing the internet. (Unofficial motto of Dodd-Frank: Hey, um, regulators, why don’t you make all the rules and we’ll check out Twitter? Mkay. Also your budget is cut!)
Great article on the new monopolies and how they harm everyone but the richest.

FYFF once again knows my soul: “you’re not a real writer.” (helens78 has a counterpoint that I, being comfortable with contradiction, also find quite compelling!)

Short stories: gay encounters, horror, Sarah Monette, Neil Gaiman; also Ted Naifeh and supernatural YA )
rivkat: Wonder Woman reading comic (wonder woman reading comic)
( May. 21st, 2010 08:38 pm)
The death of men: Ōoku and Batman )



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