4.A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about

5.A song that needs to be played LOUD: Ice T - Big Gun

Can you imagine what effect this movie had on me in 1995? Xena and Voyager, with their awesome fighting women, were only just at the beginning. Tank Girl was like a bucket of ice water in the face, so different to Wonder Woman and Supergirl and those clean, all-American traditions, but shouting out to the same little girls' heart.

If you love the song as I do, you may prefer to watch this Nikita fanvid by [livejournal.com profile] readthesubtext.

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([personal profile] oliviacirce Apr. 30th, 2017 12:08 am)
For reasons that don't really need exploring at this juncture, I totally failed to post any Cavafy while I was actually in Greece. (Mostly, I couldn't decide what the right poem was, and then I gave up and decided to save him for later.) I want to remedy that now, however, because Cavafy is wonderful.

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In 'A Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o Movie Would Be the Best Thing Twitter Has Ever Done' for Vanity Fair, Yohana Desta wrote that a tweet went viral, quickly inspiring fan fiction.

In 'Short and Sweet' for The Hindu, Archana Thomas wrote Fan fiction stems from people’s interest in a particular series or film and serves as an exaggerated figment of their imagination.

From an interesting Jia Tolentino piece on Ms. Marvel for The New Yorker by G. Willow Wilson: One Friday night, she’s stuck at home writing Avengers fan fiction; her father disapproves of her going to parties as much as he disapproves of her unemployed, pious brother praying all the time.

In a piece about the POTUS that I can’t be bothered to sort out, The Washington Post’s Matt O’Brien assembled the phrase Ann Coulter fan fiction.

In a New Statesman review of Luke Kennard’s Cain, Paul Batchelor wrote The poems tell the story of a character, "Luke Kennard", preyed upon by the mysterious Cain, "Tutelary spirit of the fugitive and/heavenly advocate for fan fiction".

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In a piece about American Gods for Los Angeles Times, Meredith Woerner wrote that the show’s creators proudly point to the show’s introduction as their Monty Python fan fic moment.

In a review of CNN’s United States of America, Variety critic Maureen Ryan wrote that, in one recent episode, host W. Kamau Bell tells [professional asshole Richard] Spencer he’s going to home to write fan-fiction in which James Bond is a black man. Both of them laugh, but Spencer adds that he finds that idea “horrifying.”

The Daily Tar Heel’s Nicola McIrvine wrote about the performance of some RPF the Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers wrote about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck but the web site is horrible so I can’t tell what the piece actually says but I really hope the play’s slashy as hell.

In a review of David Bellos’s The Novel of the Century for The Sydney Morning Herald, Judith Armstrong observed that Les Miserables has engendered sequels, adaptations for radio, stage (with or without music), television, and graphic novels; it proliferates on the web, unpoliced, as "fan fiction". What [Victor] Hugo would have thought of these concessions to mass audiences is not in doubt. "I wrote it for everyone," he insisted. At all levels, for all time.

In a Fiji Times piece examining what lessons Fijian society as a whole can take from the training regime of its rugby team, Dr. Joseph Veramu wrote We also need to encourage a culture of reading. Many people are preoccupied with social media and do not have time to read. Two parents complained to me that their teenage children were preoccupied with reading from Wattpad. Wattpad is an online storytelling community where users post written works such as articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app. The parents' concern was that the stories were low quality. I argued that at least they were reading something. After tiring of ephemeral literature, I am sure they would graduate to quality works.

Finally, from CNN’s Stephanie Gallman: This theater will pay you $25,000 for your Shakespearean fan fiction. I’ve got one!
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First country problem : how to get ground in cat poop out of carpeting. *sigh* I really do love my cat lots, but I wish my apartment had hardwood floors.

Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5
[community profile] smutswap stories are revealed, so here's mine, written for SilverShepard! Many thanks to Frostfire, Ylixia, and Feanorinleatherpants for their help and encouragement. :D

Come on and Get Your Kicks (8121 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Feminization, Crossdressing, Dirty Talk, Shame in Sexual Desires, The Manifest Difficulty of Staying Ashamed of Anything When Tony Is This Excited About It, Fluff and Smut

"At the end of the day, you just want to be my pretty little girl, is that it?"

Steve surged up to wrap his arms around Tony, kissing him with the kind of filthy fervor that Steve usually reserved for you could have died or I haven't had an orgasm in 36 hours.

So, all right then. Hypothesis confirmed.

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GQ has an issue out with a profile of Jason Momoa by Benjy Hansen-Bundy, and the opening paragraph made me laugh out loud because it's absolute perfection.

Jason Momoa is so perfect for America. It's like his body was carved out of the oldest oak tree in the land, then given a blood transfusion from the wildest coyote, and then incubated in the still-warm carcass of the last buffalo on the Great Plains before being crowned with feathers from the only bald eagle not eating out of a dumpster behind a McDonald's.

Yep, that's him all right!

Also perfect: every Holmes/Watson story candle_beck has ever written. For me, they are desert island stories. I re-read several of them last night because I needed some comfort fic, and they're all superb. Honestly, the way they write is so beautiful.

Also, I still watch Hawaii Five-0, but only for the McDanno, which makes it a short watch. (Skim, skim, stop for McDanno cargument, continue fast-forwarding, etc.) Sometimes eps sit on the DVR waiting a while for me to get to them, but I have found that tumblr is really great at providing me with updates when I need to watch an episode. For instance. And also. (Again with a kid, what is happening to me, IDK.) Here's gifs of the truck thing.

I have other stuff to say, but. Maybe tomorrow.
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I think the additional memory is helping my laptop run better. Messages is still broken in that it can't deal with AIM, but everything else has been much more stable and much less prone to short freezes. I've had three sites that usually give Firefox fits open in tabs for two or three days now without getting script errors. I've got ten programs running, including iTunes which usually makes all sorts of trouble.

I more or less fell over from exhaustion yesterday. I'm not looking forward to the next couple of weeks which promise to be almost as hard as the last two weeks. I made next week harder by scheduling with Medequip for Friday morning to get the c-PAP fitted/set up. I didn't have any other appointment that day, and I really, really need to do this.

My primary goal for today is to nap. I'd like to finish making up a character for Scott's Firefly game and also sign up for Not Prime Time. I think the latter won't take too long because I can mostly just copy and paste. I'm just putting it off in case someone signs up with something I know I can write but hadn't intended to offer. I'm unlikely to edit my offers after I sign up, just because that would be extra effort.

I have figured out what I need to add to my Fandom5K story to tie it up nicely (it's fine as is. This would just make it better). My hope is that this will only add one to three thousand words. Longer would be fine as long as the words come quickly. I just don't want to spend more than a day writing the scene.

The FFnet troll has sent two more messages, this time trying to tell me that my plot has holes in it. The name on the comments is different but still a guest, but the (lack of) punctuation and capitalization is the same as is the general vocabulary. My suspicion is that they're trying different attacks, trying to see if they can come up with one that will make me respond.

Scott thinks I should pat the troll on the head and tell them that the name change is really cute in the same way that a toddler hiding behind a three inch sapling and expecting not to be seen is. I fail to see why I should take that much trouble over it.

I'm kind of curious at this point as to how many other angles of attack they'll come up with. I almost need a bingo card. Wonder if I can get a blackout?
April has been a very productive month!

Vid: Fight Song [dw/tumblr/ao3]
Music: Rachel Platten
Fandom/Ship: Ladies Figure Skating, gen
Summary: Every one of this year's top six women has so much to be proud of.

Vid: The Cruel War [dw/tumblr/ao3]
Music: Roger McGuinn
Fandom/Ship: Hair (1979), Claude/Berger
Summary: My Johnny has to fight.

Vid: Not Alone [dw/tumblr/ao3]
Music: Britney Spears, Alien
Fandom/Ship Space Cases, Radu/Harlan
Summary: The stars in your eyes look like home (take me home). Made for [personal profile] elipie for Spring Equinox 2017.
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The Sound of a Train
by Faith Shearin

Even now, I hear one and I long to leave
without a suitcase or a plan; I want to step
onto the platform and reach for
the porter’s hand and buy a ticket
to some other life; I want to sit
in the big seats and watch fields
turn into rivers or cities. I want to eat
cake on the dining car’s
unsteady tablecloths, to sleep
while whole seasons
slip by. I want to be a passenger
again: a person who hears the name
of a place and stands up, a person
who steps into the steam of arrival.

"The Sound of a Train" by Faith Shearin from Telling the Bees. © Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2015.
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I made a snarky aside about cassingles in the poll on my last post, and then [personal profile] cnoocy and [personal profile] sanguinity got into a conversation about how you actually could fit a mix on a cassingle.

So [personal profile] cnoocy did it. No repeat bands, with a solid mix tape musical arc. It's got three girl punk bands and three tracks from musicals -- and, [personal profile] minoanmiss, one track "from an album of settings of Mesopotamian texts in translation and in the original language."

"Nice Glass": a cassingle mix. Complete with cassette-shaped cover art.
Humble Bundle is running a Bloom County bundle! Pay what you want, as little as US$1, for vols. 1-4 of the complete Bloom County digital library; paying more will get you more, but you can get all thirteen books (vols. 1-9 of BC, plus four more books of related Berkeley Breathed comics) for as little as US$15.

I really didn't have to think long about what icon to use for this post...
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Yesterday was my fourteenth LJversary. I wasn't home to celebrate it. It's hard leaving home, but it's time to make home in a new place. I miss you, flist, those of you who are still here, and those of you who have moved on. Come visit--maybe you'll like the neighborhood.


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