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2017-04-16 06:26 pm


The Curse of Cash )The Shakespeare Riots )Nigel Cliff, The Shakespeare Riots: Late nineteenth-century Americans and Britons were pretty serious about their Shakespeare. Both claimed him as their inheritance, and most of the book is taken up describing the cultural role of Shakespearean actors and Shakespeare’s plays in the period; it ends in a big riot because of anti-British feeling in New York played out through the bodies of two actors in competing presentations and with competing acting styles, the more emotional and physical American versus the more thoughtful Briton.

The Vaccine Race )

Nation Without Borders )
Everglades )Nursing war stories )Theresa Brown, The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives: Everyone likes war stories, right? These are ordinary stories from an oncology floor at a teaching hospital, with small victories, small losses, petty patients and graceful ones. If you really like medical stories, this will please, but not otherwise.

Actual war stories )

Bellevue )

von Humboldt )
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2017-04-13 10:35 pm

Nonfiction: Pre-suasion

Robert Cialdini, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and PersuadeConvince me )
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2017-01-17 04:26 pm

Strangers in Their Own Land

Arlie Hochschild, Strangers in Their Own Land: I got this from the library just before the election, then couldn’t bear to read it for a while, then couldn’t bear to review it for a while.  mad as hell and not going to take it any more )
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2016-12-25 01:52 pm

Yuletide (iZombie, Lucifer) and a Moana story

This is the first time this has ever happened to me! I am blessed with two, count ‘em, two Yuletide fics, iZombie and Lucifer! Zombie Tale of Seattle  (the upcoming zombie apocalypse) and Out of Body (Lucifer and Chloe swap bodies, excellent trope). Also, my kids and I wrote our first joint story, the end credits scene that was inexplicably missing from Moana, Guess I Chose the Right Tattoo
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2016-12-20 09:19 pm
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My spn_j2_xmas fic

Title: The Problem of Other Minds
Gifter: rivkat
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, Crowley
Wordcount/Medium: 9076/fic
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Panty kink; mention of mind control but none consciously involved with sex
Summary: Being persuasive is a terrible superpower.
Thanks to 
[personal profile] giandujakiss for beta.

Read the fic on AO3
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2016-12-15 07:15 pm

Nonfiction: well, this is depressing edition

How you know your clothes collection is a bit aged: your “low-rise” pants—helpfully marked as such on the back label, thanks, Gap!—go to just underneath your navel. Oh, 90s, you had no idea.

Philip Lopate, To Show and To Tell: Essays on the art of the personal essay. Lopate is a fan of both showing and telling, and defends the essay as a meandering exploration of a person’s thoughts, following them down whatever paths they go.

Read more... )

The origins of totalitarianism )

the enclosure of the American mind )

The 1940 election )

What Marjorie Garber has been thinking about )
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2016-11-28 10:06 am

Fiction is a refuge

Sorry I've been AWOL.  Still depressed and angry, and planning on staying so for a while.  But I have also done some reading.

Pride of Baghdad (Vaughan/Henrichon) )

Fantasies about books )

Quantum detective )

Courtney Milan )

Leigh Bardugo )

Dorothy Heydt )
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2016-11-09 11:28 pm

America broke my heart

Thanks, DW/LJ folks.  This is the only feed I've been able to keep open.  I think Hillary Clinton would be proud of what I see here: kindness to ourselves, determination to fight as hard as we can for everyone at risk.  I'm sad and scared and ashamed but I'm not done.  I love you.