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Humanities Crisis Mad Libs:
Of course humanities classes challenge students to think about big questions; of course that teaching is valuable. But when the argument leaps immediately to synthesis, analysis, and imagination, we give little credit to the scrappy effort needed to master the fundamentals of many humanities fields. Humanities faculty members regularly miss the chance to tell their students and the public about the many other valuable skills they teach: how to write a clear sentence; how to communicate in a foreign language; how to look to the past in order to make decisions today; and so on. All of these are invaluable skills that help students in the world of work. Building these nuts-and-bolts skills also leads to broader vistas.
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Anonymous, thank you so much for the Valentine’s Day kindness  -- I’m not posting regularly, but I am around and your words are greatly appreciated. As God is my witness, I will be fannish again!

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rivkat: Dean reading (dean reading)
( Feb. 7th, 2013 09:55 pm)
Am what a school friend of mine would call "in a bad head."  Will get through it; if you give me fic prompts I'll see if I can shake off the funk & do something, even if it's just a sentence or two from the resulting story.
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