1. Lucifer is very satisfying to me right now. Maze and Chloe as roommates is exactly the fanservice I desired.

2. I love gothy covers of Sarah McLachlan’s Possession, but it occurs to me that they are a bit mansplainy. She did, after all, know that she was writing about a stalker.

3. Words cannot really describe how much I want a Farscape vid to Murdering Stravinsky.  Dining on each other! Dressing up as fascists! Killing off the past to make the future last!  Dancing on the coals!

Elliott Kay, Dead Man’s Debt: Final volume (?) in the trilogy about reluctant hero Tanner Malone. His system has finally entered a declared war against the corporation keeping so many of his people (including him) in debt peonage. The larger scale means that there’s less for Tanner to do, though Kay does have some success in making this interesting by having politicos use Tanner’s reputation as a tool in negotiations of various kinds. Also, there’s a fun legal maneuver against the corporation that I liked. Not as engaging as the first book, but that’s trilogies for you.

Seanan McGuire, Indexing: Reflections: Second volume in McGuire’s series about Henry, the not-quite-Snow White who leads a team that helps keep the magic of stories from destroying the world, or at least killing people in interesting ways. POV shifts help limit McGuire’s frustrating tendency to repeat phrases and tropes as if she were an oral storyteller, though I find myself less interested in the worldbuilding here, perhaps because there’s so much emphasis on how those with the power of story can shape the world and so it seems less fixed and rule-bound.

Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury: Feyre is back, and she’s pissed. After rescuing Tamlin and saving all the faeries from Amarantha’s torture and oppression, she’s supposed to be happy, getting ready to marry Tamlin and enter a new life of peace. But both she and Tamlin are still suffering PTSD from what happened to them; his manifests as an inability to let her do anything or go anywhere, and she freaks out. Fortunately, there’s another hot guy waiting, Rhys, and when she joins him in his court, he convinces her to join his quest for the objects that will finally enable them to defeat the King overseas, who sent Amarantha in the first place. Warning: serious cliffhanger alert. Also some more explicit sex than before.
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