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([personal profile] rivkat Oct. 5th, 2013 12:09 am)
The Originals: Well, that's 40 minutes of my life gone.  Smug and confusing even though I know as much as anyone could want to about the backstory; Hayley's undeniable charisma isn't enough, especially given the role she has to play.

Haven: Jennifer, your portrayal of the female gaze was delightful; although I do not myself feel any sort of attraction to Eric Balfour, I support you as you take your opportunities, especially given Duke's wonderful (albeit implausible) obliviousness.

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From: [personal profile] giandujakiss

I actually gave up on Vampire Diaries midway through last season, so I'm not even gonna try with Originals. But yeah, I love the actress who plays Hayley - I loved her when she was Faye on Secret Circle, too. I really hope she gets a part that's equal to her.
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From: [personal profile] mareen

I gave up Vampire Diaries in the middle of last season, too, but was contemplating watching The Originals. But your entry sounds as if I shouldn't even bother...

But I cannot wait for Haven. :-) It's still my happy place.
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From: [personal profile] hesychasm

Re: The Originals, it really was awful, huh? And yet, I will probably keep watching for a few more eps. I don't know -- something about this universe just gives me something I need.


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