This show is a lot more fun if you treat Elena, Stefan and their acolytes as horrible people and just watch to see how much damage they can do.  Vampire genocide, hey!  I'm sure none of Kol's line are anything like Elena, or Stefan, or ... wait, never mind.  This is not to say I'm not enjoying the ride!  But where is Caroline?  Gratuitous Jeremy chest shots do not compensate.
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That's pretty much how I plowed through SPN my second go round. Once I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb, I was good. With TVD though I think from the beginning I realized their circle was pretty small and that actually doesn't bother me as long as there's not this veneer of 'it's all about the greater good'.

(besides, if any of Kol's line is anything like Stefan, they did the world a favor. The fewer rippers out there, the better.)

I thought they were considering an Orignal spin-off though. I'm surprised they got rid of him.
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Hey! The 2 1/4 people she absolutely cares about and the 3ish other people she mostly cares about count as 'everybody else'.
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much of this is very similar to my post-episode e-mail I sent to my sister, although mine included "really? When you list the places where you have known which is you are actually explicitly listing places where they are likely to be black? I thought with the original witch you had decided to stop going there!"

also, who do they think the audience for this show is? The gratuitous 80s tribute was weird.
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Oh, wait, she's a white chick who had no problem bleeding power from a whole line of black witches to enhance her own power, whether they were willing or not.
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Yes to all of this.

Although, since I finally started watching this show and getting all caught up last summer, I've simply found it to be a lot more fun when thought of as The Ian Somerhalder Show. I guess that kind of goes without saying.


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