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for [personal profile] turnonmyheels: TVD, Alaric/Damon or Damon & Alaric, R for sexual references.

It isn’t a thing.

Damon keeps new toothbrushes in his bathroom, wrapped in plastic, so that Alaric can brush his teeth without actually keeping a toothbrush at Damon’s place. Alaric doesn’t need the message (you are disposable, and I will treat the next person I fuck exactly the same way), but he gets it anyway.

Alaric figures that’s fair. It’s not like he’s looking for the love of his life, or even the love of his year, in Damon’s bed. They fight, they drink, they fall into bed. Sometimes they mix up the order of those, when they’re feeling especially frisky, or when Damon has done something especially stupid that Alaric remembers after the orgasm. He’s afraid his enjoyment of being thrown around is a bit too evident to Damon, who will eventually use it against him, but he didn’t choose his kinks and even if he had, well, he’d earned them the old-fashioned way, through brute force and blunt trauma, so Damon can suck it—where ‘it’ is Alaric’s cock and not his blood. This is a point Alaric often feels bound to clarify, since Damon’s not above a little intentional misunderstanding where it amuses him.

In the bedroom, Damon has no hangups about his masculinity, which Alaric wouldn’t necessarily have expected. Yes, Civil War-era men of Damon’s region and class would’ve had a very different relationship to emotional expressiveness than today’s dudes, but that wouldn’t likely have included sodomy. Maybe it’s being a superpowered vampire, or maybe it’s specific to having killed Alaric already: Damon’s got nothing to prove. Anyway, it pays off for Alaric, since he enjoys telling Damon what to do almost as much as he enjoys what Damon then does.

If he ever risks bringing another person into this horrorshow his life’s become, he’ll stop with Damon. Damon will complain about the inconvenience involved in securing another easy fuck. He’ll point out that he’s really better off, because now he can pick a walking bloodbank to do double duty as his fuckbuddy.

Damon will pretend not to worry about getting dumped, and Alaric will pretend to believe him. Alaric’s pretty sure they’ll still be able to drink and fight together. In the end, that’s what he needs from Damon. He can get orgasms a lot of places (granted, these particular orgasms are high-quality, and also they tend to shut Damon up in various ways, so he doesn’t want to underrate them). But what he wants, and what he’s beginning to think he has, is a friend.

All the new toothbrushes in the world can’t disguise that.

for [personal profile] intothespin: Nolan Ross/Tony Stark. Mergers & acquisitions. Or drunken hookups at cocktail parties, whichever is easier.

“I’ve never fucked anyone whose net worth is remotely adjacent to mine,” Stark said, pulling up his pants.

“That’s no surprise,” Nolan pointed out, sprawling back with no attempt to cover himself. “Have you seen rich people? You’re supposed to go out and get yourself a trophy who’s too exclusive to do porn.”

“I think that’s on my agenda for tomorrow. No, wait, I don’t believe in agendas. I do however believe in variety.”

Nolan sniggered. “I hope the opposite of slumming was worth it for you.”

Stark glanced over his shoulder. “Fishing for compliments already.”

“Well, you know how insecure we rich folks are.” Nolan reached for the champagne glass on the bedside table. It was decent champagne, though he’d never really understood why such small relative differences produced such large price changes.

“Listen, this has been fun, but I’ve really got to get going. Apparently I’m buying a company tomorrow?”

Nolan drew his fingertip around the rim of the glass. “Oh, I’ve heard.” Stark’s purchase meant that three of Nolan’s suppliers were going to work almost exclusively for Stark’s new division, and two more were likely to go out of business, meaning crunch time for NolCorp. Nolan didn’t blame him—for one thing, Virginia Potts was the one who’d made the decision, and for another Nolan would’ve done exactly the same thing if he’d had sufficient capital and any interest in making large industrial objects instead of small, elegant computers. Nolan had come to the party to see the guy whose name was on the company fucking his up, and he was delighted (but far from consoled) to have at least gotten actually fucked in the bargain.

Stark was adjusting his jacket now, smoothing himself down so that he looked precisely as freshly fucked as he was. There was an art to the calibration of disorder, and Stark was an expert; Nolan himself would have risked looking merely end-of-day rumpled. “Don’t suppose there’s any chance I could buy you out, too? I pay way above market price.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Nolan said. “Though, if you want to leave a tip,” he waved his hand, “feel free.”

Stark snorted. “I try to avoid any situations that could be misconstrued as the direct exchange of cash for sexual favors. Pepper says it is literally the least I could do.”

“Well then,” Nolan told him, “enjoy the rest of the party.”

Stark paused, his hand on the doorknob. “I always do,” he said, and left. And if Nolan didn’t exactly believe him, well, he’d kept bigger secrets.
angryfurball: ([tvd] damon & elena)

From: [personal profile] angryfurball

Love the Damon/Alaric. The last couple lines especially. Thanks. :)
jadelennox: Senora Sabasa Garcia, by Goya (Default)

From: [personal profile] jadelennox

you capture Damon and Alaric so well. They're so completely broken, and that comes through in their friendship and would be more extreme in a sexual relationship -- but their brokenness is so compatible and capable of helping both of them.
intothespin: Drawing of a woman lying down reading by Kate Beaton (Default)

From: [personal profile] intothespin

(Sorry for delay! Have been avoiding reading LJ and DW.)

You are SO AWESOME. Tony has no bedside manner, and no filter on the shit he shouldn't say. Nolan doesn't actually care. And Pepper makes the business decisions.
intothespin: Drawing of a woman lying down reading by Kate Beaton (Default)

From: [personal profile] intothespin

You do Tony just fine. And Nolan, of course. :)
ceares: cookie all grown up (Default)

From: [personal profile] ceares

darn it I missed this one before and now it just makes me want to cry!


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