Vampire Diaries: (1) I did not see Vampire (Gay) Conversion Therapy coming.  And, now having seen it, I'm still not sure what I think.  The metaphor's fraught, given what we see the average vampire doing, but I kind of can't help loving it anyway because I love Caroline.  (2) Bonnie, where?  (3) Elena, it's awesome that you're so loyal and all, but have you ever thought about the kind of carnage that allowing Klaus to create hybrids at will will cause?  Because this one is not just about sacrificing yourself, actually; it puts lots of other people at risk.

SPN: What is this show and why is it so bright?  Also, Dean just gets prettier.  And hey, he managed to imbibe coffee this week along with his liquor and beer, so let's call that progress!  I had fun and lack deep thoughts.
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If she really wanted to sacrifice herself she'd turn vamp. Killing her after that wouldn't do anything, would it? Even if Claus did the whole ritual thing all over again. Also, doesn't a doppelganger have to be descended from another doppelganger? If that's the case, and if Elena gets vamped without ever having children, Claus can't make hybrids ever.
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Hmm, thinking about it further, it seems that Elena is really only interested in sacrificing herself to save the relatively small number of people she is close to. Saving large numbers of strangers isn't what she's about. So of course she wouldn't sacrifice herself and her friends (whom Claus would likely kill in a rage when he found out what she did) just to stop Claus from bringing carnage to lots of strangers.

From that perspective, allowing Claus to discover and kill her as a human, and letting him create hybrids at will, is more the kind of sacrifice she'd consider worth it. Carnage, schmarnage--at least that way Claus might show mercy to some of her friends.

Oh, also--I suppose we don't really know that if Elena dies childless, the doppelganger line dies with her. The line might have multiple branches, any of which can produce a doppelganger if a different branch dies out. Perhaps it doesn't even have to come from Katherine's child. It could come from a cousin of Katherine's, or something. But that would diminish Elena's cosmic importance, so I'm betting not. :)
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RE: Supernatural I think, ironically, they finally got money in their final year. Dean does get prettier, I hope Castiel - as himself - comes back, this show is getting creepier, Bobby better not be dead and poor, poor Sam.
Also? I need a crossover with Being Human US.
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The great irony about the conversion therapy is that Caroline's father left her mother for another man. If anyone should know that conversion therapy doesn't work it would be Bill.

And Supernatural is back! I do think they got money, or at least taking Misha off regular status freed up some money, but there is no indication that this will be the final year. The head of the network has said nice things about Supernatural and both of the Js have said that they are more than willing to continue with their roles. In any case, the show has hit the ground running this season and I love it.


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