for [ profile] daria234: Revenge!! How about Victoria and Emily have to work together for a common goal? (Like they actually have a common goal, not just Emily pretending.).

enemy of my enemy )

for [personal profile] ariadnes_string: Alphas--canon Jewish characters doing Jewish things. Particularly acts of remembrance, maybe, since I was thrilled beyond reason to see a Jewish funeral represented on the show. But happy stuff is good, too. Dr. Rosen is my favorite (of course).

kaddish )

for [personal profile] jakrar: Original prompt: Smallville - Clex: Suppose, just before Brainiac and the Zod-minions escaped doomed Krypton, someone tried to disable Zod's super-computer with an untested computer virus, and it had an unexpected effect: once Brainiac reached Earth, instead of being determined to carry out Zod's plans, he decided instead to do everything he could to make Lex Luthor happy (but without informing Lex Luthor)... Original ficlet here.

Clark Kent's debts had been racked up in Smallville. )

for [personal profile] serrico: When Cas comes back, Sam thinks his presence might make Dean more willing to let Sam stop hunting and live his normal life--but instead, Dean just seems to hold onto them both more tightly.
separation anxiety )

[personal profile] rheasilvia: Alaric/Damon, getting in over their heads (in any sense you want to take it *g*); also, a fix-it would be nice

At Once Our Time Devour

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