Well, my experiment with iTunes 11 made me go back to iTunes 10.6, a more unpleasant proposition than it should have been—initially it erased 3 months of changes, and I’d added a bunch of music and am also obsessive about my play counts, so that was a couple of hours of fiddling. Ultimately I downloaded a couple of scripts that allow manual resetting of play counts, which wasn’t perfect but was a hell of a lot faster than skipping tracks one by one, which I should have done from the beginning; would have saved me a lot of time.

Unionmade, retailer of fashions that are not union made.
See, it’s an homage to the time when things were well made by people with good jobs! Or a huge slap in the face to real union labor. You choose.

Aaron Bady (wow is this guy sharp; his Batman essay was genius, and now this), Questioning Clay Shirky:
Why have we stopped aspiring to provide the real thing for everyone? That’s the interesting question, I think, but if we begin from the distinction between "elite" and "non-elite" institutions, it becomes easy to take for granted that "non-elite students" receiving cheap education is something other than giving up. It is important to note that when online education boosters talk about "access," they explicitly do not mean access to "education of the best sort"; they mean that because an institution like Udacity provides teaching for free, you can’t complain about its mediocrity. It’s not an elite institution, and it’s not for elite students. It just needs to be cheap.

Talking in terms of "access" (instead of access to what?) allows people like Shirky to overlook the elephant in the room, which is the way this country used to provide inexpensive and high-quality education to all sorts of people who couldn’t afford to go to Yale -- people like me and my parents.
Randall Munroe: “It makes me happy that an arm of the US government has, in some official capacity, issued an opinion on the subject of firing nuclear missiles into hurricanes.”

Predator Nation; Black women, civil rights, and the struggle against sexual violence )

for [personal profile] runedgirl: Sam/Dean, holiday memory that would only be meaningful for the two of them (and quite possibly just plain weird for anyone else), that sparks a moment of affection in the present.  R.

remember when we used to cut each other's hair? )
for [personal profile] jadelennox: Vampire Diaries. Any character (though I vote Bonnie, because of Katarina Graham) who has at least one Jewish parent and decides to celebrate Hanukkah.

Bonnie lights, Damon snarks--the usual division of labor )


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